Calling all BC Vancouverites : Milan Exchange is now OPEN!!

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  1. Milan Exchange is a second-hand store that specializes in authentic luxury goods. I'm not sure if it's the sister store of Milan Stop from Asia or if it's entirely unrelated. I saw their ad today and rushed over, but the only day they're closed is Tuesday. Just my luck today is Tuesday. I think they've been open for a couple of months already.

    Here is their address if any of ya'll wanna check it out: 110-4140 No. 3 Rd. Richmond. V6X2C2. Tel: 604-276-8918.

    I'm so excited to check it out! Going to go there tomorrow. I'll let you all know how it turns out!

    I'm slightly leery about this, though. I wonder how they authenticate items. We'll all see tomorrow, I guess.
  2. Good to know. I'm a transplanted Vancouverite, so I go back pretty often. Also, most of my relatives are there!
  3. Anyone find out if these items are authentic?

    I'm wary of items sold in Richmond..all those stores in Parker Place Mall sell fake juicy, LV, fendi etc...It's really sad!! But yeah, I have a feeling this place sells fakes because they aren't affiliated with Milan Station in Asia
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