Calling all Batignolles Owners

  1. Hi Girls,

    I'm wanting to get a shoulder bag...thinking about the batignolles over the lockit (vachetta bottom makes me nervous), and popincourt. Can you tell me which one you got (B reg., BH, BV) and why you decided on that one? The regular looks so cute but can it be worn comfortably on the shoulder without slipping? I have "medium sized arms" lol, and I'm wondering if it would be a problem. I'm aprox. 5'3" would the horizontal make me look shorter? Is the vertical too long visually? Sorry for all the questions!!! Thanks in advance!!


    PS. I am going to the store tomor but want to do some homework first!
  2. There are so many threads on the BH and other bags compared to it. I just adore the look and size of the BH but can´t tell you anything more since I haven´t seen it irl.
  3. The reg batignolles is a hand held bag, I have doesnt really fit on my shoulder. I just came from LV last weekend and I tried the PH, i found it a bit too small & compact. The BH was nice but a bit bulky infront of you and behind you (i hope you understood that), I liked the way the BV looked like the perfect shoulder tote bag. By the way Im also 5'3" and not so skinny arms....You will know when you try them out at the store, the one for you will just jump out at you and scream..."Buy Me!"Good luck & cant wait to see pics!!!
  4. I love my BH and use it all the time. I was inbetween the PH and BH but went with the BH instead because it's more roomy. I love everything about it, my favorite shoulder bag don't think I have a problem with it slipping off. The BV never appealed to me something about the shape/proportion although I saw some pfers comments about how it makes you look slimmer/taller...
  5. thanks girls! you've given me great info to work with!
  6. I had the same dilemma and it took me 2 hours of trying on to figure it out LOL In the end I went with the BV. I am 5'5 and not so skinny arms either.
    I went with the BV because the BH was a little bulky for kinda sticks out too far at the front and back.
    In addition the BV also has some slimming abilities...the tallness of it makes you look taller!
    Good luck deciding...can't wait to see what you come home with!
  7. I got the BV and BH in May.. and I much prefer the BV, it sees just a lot more use because the shape is more comfortable.
  8. Actually I tried on both as well...but ended going with the BH coz I couldn't hand-hold the BV or carry it on my forearm; it just looked wierd. But that said, if you're looking for the ultimate shoulder bag, go for the BV.

  9. :nuts: What a great idea!

    Maybe I should've gotten both :lol:
  10. BH! I'm 5-2 and love it. For me, the BV would be a bottomless pit--too much lost on the bottom. I've always preferred horizontal bags so that I don't have to constantly be digging for things....
  11. I agree, I feel the BV is too deep, the BH is great for size, organization, and ease......I HATE digging for things! Plus, I'm 5'6" and like 112lbs but def. have shapely hips, and the BV just doesn't sit nice on me so it kinda depends on how the bag looks on you too......I hate when bags hit my hips and dart out if anyone knows what I mean.....
  12. I have both the Vertical and the Horizontal, and I'm not sure I have a favorite, I absolutely LOVE BOTH!
    And the regular Batignolles is cute too, but it is NOT a shoulder bag, the handles are VERY VERY short...:smile:

    LVixen 115.jpg IPOD 255.jpg
  13. I just got my BH last week and wear it since - I love the fact that It can hold quite a lot (I have a large Purseket inside but I think a medium one would be better because of the way the bag folds on the sides)
    I have to reajust the handels from time to time (no major slipping ) and if you live in an area where you need to dress for winter (like I do :crybaby: ) you will need to take that in consideration because it's not that easy to fit it over a leather coat or any other winter coat - I don`t know if the BV has longer handles?
    All in all I love it and I don't regret my decision :love:
    Will post some pictures soon
  14. I got my BV last week! Absolutely adore it!!

    I'm using a small purseket inside, it fits perfectly! :P Have some pics in the "visual aids" thread!!

  15. I have the BH and love it. It is so comfortable. Great for on the shoulder or handheld.