Calling ALL Balenciaga lovers and LV lovers!

  1. Hey peeps!!

    I found this FAB consignment shop where they sell all sorts of designer stuff. I saw the Mono Mini Noe and a VERY small (smaller than the First and the Mini Bowling) green Balenciaga bag. I am not worried about their authenctictiy, because they actually take them into the stores and authenticate them. My main problem is which one to get. They are both about 400 $ and they are both ADORABLE!

    Pros of LV Mini Noe:

    1. Its my favorite designer, Mr. Louis :heart:

    2. This is a bag that I have wanted for a long time

    3. It is actually more spacious then what it looks

    4. I can fit it over my arm, and it fits perfectly and cofmy

    Cons of LV Mini Noe:

    1. Trying to spread out to diffrent designers

    2. I have alot of small bags

    3. I have alot of Mono bags
  2. Pros of Balenciaga bag:

    1. I have wanted something Balenciaga for a long time as well

    2. The color is so cute!

    3. You wont find the color or the size in store anymore

    Cons of Balenciaga Bag:

    1. Extremly TINY
  3. Get the balenciaga because its good to branch out a bit, did the bag look like a first but smaller? if so its the mini classique - what sort of colour was the green? was it bright if so it might be apple green which is quite rare!
  4. It was a very bright green...............It def. wasnt the Vert gazon, because I saw the picture of Katie and it wasnt that dark
  5. yes, it did look like a first but so much tiner........can anbody tell me about this bag?
  6. If it is indeed the mini-classique, it is very small. I had one in apple green for a short time, but sold it b/c I couldn't carry much in it. It basically fit my keys, my coach scribble mini skinny, and a lip gloss. It wasn't very practical for me.

    If I were to get one in the future, I would look for a metallic one b/c it would make a cute evening bag. In fact, I just saw an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai carried a bronze one to her parents' wedding.
  7. I think the apple green is the color of the bag!!! its a little bit lighter, but i think thats the shade
  8. I'd go for the balanciaga despite the size. It holds the necesseties anyway! :biggrin:
  9. anyone else?
  10. get the mini NOE!
  11. nobody else can help me?
  12. Please Help!
  13. I am not really familiar or a fan of either line, but it did strike me reading your list of pros and cons for each option that maybe your head is saying LV (lots of practical plus points) and your heart is saying Balenciagia (you just :heart: it!). So, are you a heart or a head kinda gal . . .?!
  14. I couldn't personally get that bbag, because it would be too small for me... The one the Lorelei used in the Wedding Bell Blues episode was ADORABLE though.... So go for the Balenciaga!! It will be a break from the norm!