Calling all bag ladies...

  1. For those who have been fortunate to own a few/several Hermes bags I wanted to ask these questions.

    I have noticed that taking a look at the swatch is many times different than seeing the actual bag in full. It is wonderful to see all these pictures on the forum, but nothing is like the real thing for the actual color, how the leather really is, size with the combination of materilas /hw you purchased etc.

    I experienced yesterday seeing a bag that was a bit different than I thought it would be. It was an interesting learning experience and I see things a bit differently and doing some wondering. (My concern here is mostly the leathers) So...

    After having owned a few different bags in various leathers etc. What would you purchase in a Kelly now and why?

    How about a Birkin?

    Any other bags in specific you would like to share?

    Please share why...any thoughts are helpful. Also state your disappointments please of things you were not happy about.
  2. Well, I only have a few experiences that relate. The one thing
    I know for sure, is that when Hermes does does color! Very striking! :heart:

    When I bought my Bolide (saffron ostrich), I actually took the outfit I was planning to wear it with in the store. They brought the bag outside so that I could see it in natural light. Saffron is BEAUTIFUL in ostrich IMO, not so beautiful (to me) in any other leather.
    On a recent purchase (I'll tell soon, getting pictures :yahoo:), the outfits that I thought I bought the bag for didn't match as well as I had expected, but the bag went with a bunch of other things that I hadn't considered!

    In the end, I don't want to be boring and just have neutral colors, but it does take some confidence to pull off the intense shades as I'm learning. :shame: The bag gets all of the attention!

    As for Kelly vs. Birkin, I'm still waiting for my Birkin so this is just a guess: Since I want my Birkin bigger (35 cm), then I would do color in Kellys and neutrals in Birkins (for now). I'm just not ready for that much attention for my bag! :P I think, in general, I love the simplicity of the Kelly more than the Birkin, personally.

    As for leathers, I think it's color specific. I thought I liked vert anis in togo until I saw it in chevre. It was more subdued in chevre - almost a different color! I've never seen a full sized bag in vert anis IRL though, so I don't know what I'd do if I wanted to purchase one in the future...? :sad:
  3. Frenchie I really appreciate all the thought you put into your response.

    I can say that with black box the swatch pretty much told the story of what the bag would be. When I purchased the bag is was amazing and there were really no surprises. It was just gorgeous. I would most definitely recommend to anyone box leather especially in black, BUT you do have to be a bit gentle with the bag. If you are hard on your bags just expect some wear to show. I am not saying don't purchase, but expect signs of use.

    I was able to have an encounter (hee hee) with a chevre bag the other day and was quite shocked. I expected (from seeing the swatch at the boutique and seeing all the pictures on the forum) the bag to be more glossy and actually the leather somewhat tough/rough. Well, much to my surprise the leather was quite soft and luscious. The glossiness was not really there unless light directly hit it and then there was a sheen/shine. The color of the bag was a bit different than the swatch I saw. So, it was really a learning experience.

    I really have to agree that you need to see (if possible) a bag in the color/leather you like and not just a tiny swatch. It does make a difference.

    I would buy a kelly or birkin in either box or chevre. They are both stunning. I would really like to hear about some other leathers from you all.
  4. Here are my personal preferences:

    Kellys - Since I like them rigid, I prefer box, chevre, epsom, croc, ostrich, and chamonix.

    Birkins - I prefer the textured leathers on Birkins.

    In my head, I still think croc looks better in a Kelly! But that's just me. I absolutely adore royal blue and orange in ostrich, Rouge H in chevre, chocolate brown in box, fuchsia in chevre, natural in veau chamonix.
  5. I have several items in several combinations of leathers/colors as you know - and love them all!! I love chevre - the lightweight factor is big for me; togo has the most amazing smell (hey we have to enjoy these little things in life lol!); to me the colors are not shocking in any way - not that bright, just gorgeous - but I am a color girl....I love to wear blacks and whites with a great bag/shoes...etc.; unfortunately I didn't even think while at the Boston store to look at the leather book or swatches! That will be next time....I think the leathers for a kelly would depend on whether you want rigide our souple they even make a rigide in chevre? So many questions and still so much to learn!
  6. i think if you want to do colour it is more important to take care of the shade than on the leather. let us say you want to have a bag in blue jean then it is a huge difference if it is epsom or clemence so sometimes you´ll be surprised. it happened to a friend (who did not consilidate me beforeand) she wanted blue jean so badly after seeing the bag but when it arrived it was not the shade she thought it would be cause it was on a different leather same goes for all the shades. so if you love vermillion in togo it is not automatically so that you love the shade on chevre.
    then the hardware gold is fab but you have to know it is 22 carat plated what makes it more yellowish than your normla 18 carat jewelery.
    i was also surprised hiow light croc is and there definately is a huge difference between prorosus and niloticus that is not that visible on the small swatches but when done in a bag it is indeed obvios
    and another thing about colour is that the mos bags that are declined are coloured bags. some customers love a colour on a small swatch but then are overwhelmed when it is a bag. so if you do colour be aware that you will definately make a statement
  7. yes they do in fact it is the most used leather for rigide kellys :flowers:
  8. I totally agree Lilach on knowing the color on the leather of preference and not just the swatch.

    I started this thread to get people to think about what they are shopping for and do research. To some people the money comes a bit easier then others...for me, I do really have to think about my purchases and spending. (now that I am no longer single and worrying about just me) I don't want to be surprised when the bag arrives in my hands.

    It really is important to see and feel the leather in as big a sample you can...regardless of the style of bag. Also, to see the exact color on your leather preference.

    I hope to read some additional advice here.
  9. Thinking about it...when I was looking at the color swatch book, I was rubbing my grimey fingers all over it, so I can imagine that they look significantly different than a fresh, spanking new bag! Imagine, all the oils and lotions on peoples fingers combined with the fact that those swatches don't see too much light (natural or artifical). Even if I can't see a bag in the color I'm interested in, I'm going to make it a point to look for the color/leather in actual accessories rather than just swatches. :yes:
  10. These are great responses!
    Through all of my bag ogling I've discovered that any other Birkin I buy must be in Chevre unless it's a 30 BJ Togo. I just love the spine detail and that beautiful grain. Being lightweight is a huge plus, too.
    My three dream Kellys are a chocolate chevre souple 32, rigide black box 28 and rigide fuchsia chevre 28.
  11. I have a few different bags in a few different leathers so, let me see.....Black Box Hac is very true to color with a sheen. Black Chamonix Bolide no sheen and Chocolate Togo has no sheen but a lot of texture and a brown like a Hershey Kiss. Doesn't change. Now...Caramel Chevre de Coromandel Kelly is a whole other story IMO. Fantastic texture but not like Togo. Looks exactly like a Caramel Chew in normal indoor lighting but a little like Guldens Mustard in the bright sunlight. No sheen indoors....sheen outdoors. Love it!

    If given a chance, I'd buy a 28cm BLACK CHEVRE KELLY w/PALL HW, sight unseen for sure. Everything else is sort of up in the air. Gotta see it first!!!!
  12. ^^ that sounds gorgeous, shopmom!! I like the idea of that black chevre Kelly!
  13. Forgot to say that I'd buy any chevre bag sight unseen. For me things like, texture, durability, grain and being lightweight are more important than the subtle variation of shade that might occur from this leather to another I'm more familiar with.
  14. Hi, lilach!
    What is the visual difference b/t porosus and nilo. My shoulder Birkin is porosus (^). I never saw nilo in real life.:shrugs: Would you describe the difference between the two if it is not too much trouble? Thanks!
  15. Greentea, I love your bag choices!!! The three dream Kellys...I am sure over the years they will be yours.

    And shopmom, I am with you on black chevre with palladium...I say Kelly or Birkin sight unseen!

    I do have a it tough to find 35 chevre birkins? Do they make them or is the story that it is tough to find enough skin to make such a large bag true? I know 30's are around easy, but what about 35's?