Calling all Aussies! lets unite ans sale share

  1. I think we as fashion addicts should help each other and work as a team, so i think we should start a group to make everyone aware of those sales we know, i live in sydney but because im so young and have only joined in the art designer shopping for about just over year or so, i am not always aware of the secretive sales, what i do know is that every year (or twice a year as i have been told) gucci has a huge sale they have a sale store opposite the castlereigh st store and savings are around 20%-50% so its pretty decent. the last one was in the christmas sale period so IF its bi-annual yet another one should be comming up in the next few months.
    i know a few outlet stores but they are all really semi-designers stuff like oroton, polo ralph lauren and calvin klien jeans etc.
    remember sharing is careing so lets help each other out