Calling all aubergine paddington owners!!!!

  1. I just received my aubergine paddy :yahoo: (my first paddy to be exact after 3 silverados!) Anyway.... what colors do you wear with the aubergine? It is so different and rich in color, but I don't know if it would work with everything!!
  2. Can you post pics?

    I think that it woul look great with black and grays.

    I have not seem the colour IRL so I hesitate to give any other advice :smile:
  3. I will post them tomorrow in better light. It is a bit different than what it looks like on the NAP site!
  4. can you give a better description... on the NAP site it looks silver... :confused1:

    & I can't find pics anywhere....
  5. I'll receive mine tomorrow!!! yay cant wait! :party:

    I'll def. post pics of it later too....

    I think it'll go great with all my clothing...well prolly kuz I have a lot of dark stuff.. but neway...still excited...and CANT WAIT!
  6. It definately has a pinky/burgundy tinge to it - I have taken some pics but it just looks silver but its not. Have you found how stiff the leather is? The handles especially! I think it needs a few outings to get its shape as I think they were stored flat! I am not 100% sure yet....
  7. Its quite striking!!! :nuts:

    I would think it would really pop with cream colored outifts and blue jeans.
  8. I ordered one on Net-A-Porter today .. they are on a fall special at about 50% off!!!! It should be here in a couple of days........ I'm EXCITED! I wanted the colour when I saw it on-line a month ago, haven't seen it in fact yet, but I'm hoping it's a beautiful as it looks in the photos... ;))
  9. Yes, missbradshaw, I too am still not 100% sure about it!:shrugs:
  10. Missbradshaw, Thanx so much for the pics! The bags looks quite small in you pic, is there any chance of you taking one wearing it, just so I can get a good idea of the size, as I have just phoned up HN in manchester and they have this one availiable, I've been after it for so long!
    Many Thanks
  11. The Aubergine is also A colour I've been coveting since forever! I cannot believe I missed my chance to snatch it on NAP!
    Although having searched for it on Ebay and google a few times I've managed to get a few pics together! Although It looks different shades in all three pics, but at least we can get a fair idea!
    6ASA02%206A403%20598-1.jpg 494.jpg Paddy.jpg
  12. It looks like I missed out because by the time they got back to me on the colour they were sold out.

    If you know anyone wanting to sell theirs please let me know!!
  13. Oh Rolexgirl! Aubergine is such a Versatile GORGEOUS dark color, and will go with EVERYTHING! Dark color bags simply go with everything and make any outfit the more classier!:yes: There are definitely outfits that demand for a light colored bag, but if someone wears their color wrong, it will look off. But I think the dark bag route is the safe route, in making any outfit look fabulous! You shouldn't worry about matching aubergine with anything! ENJOY it and enjoy it even more that you got it for such an amazing
  14. Well... I can tell you that I think it is Gorgeous! Very changeable in different light... at night it looks almost charcoal or anthracite.. in the daylight mine could look bronze or deep abergine... very pleased with the bag. Mine is quite scrunchy and does not feel stiff at all. I Love it! It's the same size as my jeans moyen paddy, regular/original paddington bag size.