Calling All Atlanta B-Gals

  1. where do you or can you purchase your bbags?

  2. I was at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta (Lenox Square)last weekend and there were 3 bbags there. The SA told me that coming this fall, they will start carrying Balenciaga regularly! Yippee!!!
  3. No kidding? I highly recommend working with the SA named "Piper" there - she really has gone the extra mile for me a couple of times.

  4. REALLY??!!! YAY!!!!!!
  5. Just curious - what three bbags did they have? ;)
  6. I saw 2 on Friday: a S/S Giant white Brief and a S/S Giant truffle City. They were hanging on a rack near the Gucci section. I heard that once the new construction is done, I think starting next fall, they will have Balenciaga. The person at NM who told me said it will be a year. But who knows. At least it's coming.

    To answer the original question, Jeffrey occasionally has a bag or two, but I mostly order from Balenciaga in NY. The no tax part is great. The few bags you see at NM must be returns of bags people bought at other NM stores.
  7. its great to see this thread! :smile: they also (in addition to the other two) had a truffle gh city. my SA (Pia) who is absolutely fabulous, said that they will start carrying them, but not a huge amount...only the more basic ones. My SA at Bob Ellis (Jeffrey) also called me to tell me that he had pics of the styles that they are getting from Balenciaga but they are some of the more different/non-motorcycle ones. :sad: oh least Neimans is getting some in--maybe once they see how well they can do with them, they will start ordering more. that means all of us GA (Southeastern ) gals and guys need to really support Neimans.--more bbags please! Its for a good cause!!!!
  8. Yay!! Atlanta is the nearest place to me that sells bbags, and even that is a 3-hour drive!
  9. Thanks for the information ladies!!! I'm making a trip to Atlanta in Sept and wanted to purchase a bbag.

    Where is the Jeffrey store located at??
  10. As I save my pennies for my first BBag purchase (October, I hope) sometimes I want to just go and visit a BBag in person. I know Bob Ellis (or Jeffrey?) carries them but doesn't have any in right now. Saks doesn't stock them "but can get one brought in for me."

    Neiman's has 3, which I have fondled to death. But none of them are a city -- which I would really like to see IRL. Any suggestions? Are there any places that I have overlooked?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.

    Sign me, "Southern but Stylish in Atlanta"
  11. Those are all my usual outlets as well so I have no other suggestions. You would think in a city of this size with the level of sophistication and the number of celebrities who live here that we would have access to more Bbags. :sad:

    We should plan a lunch or something where we can all get together and fondle eachother's Bbags. :graucho:
  12. So funny. There is no place to get one around here. I ordered mine from Saks Boca...the ladies down there are great. Jeffery's never has them in and when they do they have not been very appealing. I have a black 07 City and love her. Atlanta needs to get with it...they have no clue about B-Bags!
  13. Last Friday, NM did have a giant truffle City, but I don't know if that will fix your need to see what Balenciaga is really all about.
  14. That is pretty much it! The times I have been to Jeffery there is nothing there. Your best bet is ordering one from out of state. Maybe someone can meet you at the mall and let you fondle theirs lol :roflmfao:

  15. I'm always up for helping someone raise their b-bag obsession...:tup: