Calling All Asians

  1. I am trying to sell my house and heard that some of the superstitious Asians will have particulars in mind when determining if that house is "the one". :shrugs:

    Any clue as to what some of these things are?:wtf:
    Are numbers important, the name of the street, the dragon? Please elaborate; I would love to know more. Thanks in Advance-:flowers:
  2. yes! We take in consider almost eeeeverything. If there is a hill going up in your yard, it is a sign or good luck, good "money flow" if the hill is going downward, it is bad. Also, it depends on your birthday and your SO's birthday which way your house should face. Numbers are also important as well although I can't remember which ones are good or bad at the moment. ummm I can't think of any more right now, but if I do, I'll make sure to add it. =)
  3. Thank you so much Sina. Sorry, but what is SO's?
    Pardon my lack of knowledge thus far. Newbie here! :girlsigh:
  4. 8 is a good number. However, if there's a "5" in front of "8", it's not a good thing. Also, you don't want any "4" in your house number. As for the direction of your house, it's best to have it sit on the North side with the front door facing South. If you have two trees in your front yard, best to have the left tree (Green Dragon) higher than the tree on the right (White Tiger). Or, just have one tree on the left and no tree on the right at all.

    Also, if your house has stairs, make sure your front door does not face the stairs directly because if it does, that means the wealth will roll right out the door. Oh, it's also important to make sure that the front you cannot see the backdoor from your front door (meaning they can't be one straight line) as that's bad luck. Hmmm...what else? Oh, make sure it's not near a cemetery.

    SO probably means Significant Other in this case.
  5. for house number or condo floor or unit number, the bad one is 4. the good ones are 3 and 8. and no facing cemetary, garbage area...these are what i look out for but there are alot of fengshui stuff as well.
  6. Good thread.. I've never heard any of this before. Its really interesting.
  7. You guys are very kind. Thankyou- If the number 4 is in the house address that is bad?:crybaby:
  8. 4 is bad by itself, basically anything that ends with a 4 is bad but if you have a 3 or 8 after, it is good like 43, 48, it is good. 5 in cantonese sounds like "don't", so 53 (not alive) or 58 (no money) are bad!
  9. I think 54 should be okay though ... right?
  10. yeah, forgot, that is the only exception.
  11. 54 might be good tho! lol.
  12. 28 is the best!
  13. 28 and then any number after? Any books that you can think of that would help me learn more? Such fascinating info!
  14. I heard that CORNER houes are No GOOD.