Calling all Asian members can you heip me find a Sunrise!!

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  1. I have been trying to find the denim Louis Vuitton Sunrise in orange for some time now. I still see it on the official Louis vuitton website. From what I can tell It still exist in Asia. I even have Let-trade looking for me in Hong Kong. They said that the last one sold at their local Louis Vuitton store the day they inquired about it for me. They haven't gotten back with me with any news whether or not another store in Hong Kong might have it. I am putting out a plea to my fellow members to help me end my search! If you can let me know if you see one at any Louis Vuitton stores in China maybe Let-trade can get it for me. I can than pay them for their service fees. I want my life back. It seems like all I'm doing is spending my day on the web searching for this bag. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the long post. :smile:
  2. please try the philippines manila store.
  3. I've seen it this week at the newly open store in Gardens Mall,Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia). PM me if you need more info and if you need help !!!