Calling all Aquamarine owners!!!!!

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  1. I am a soon-to-be aqua mommy to a beautiful GGH City (cheers and screams):yahoo:.
    My question is....those of you who still own your aquas, how has the color held up? Any fading? Has it shown wear/lightening in the corners sooner than other bags you own? Did you treat your aqua or leave it chemical-free??? I live in a VERY sunny climate and I'm debating whether I should treat her or not. :shrugs: Is there any treatment/conditioners out there with UV protection? I thought I'd ask those of you who have the color, what you recommend. ;)


  2. I have a beautifull (to me) aquamarine matelasse. There is very minimal fading issues.
    I have treated my bags with LMB products. Some choose to treat them,- some not. A good ide though is not to leave it in direct sunlight.
    BTW; aquamarine with GGH sounds devine:smile:

    oops and yes, i have read somewhere that there are products with UV protection. I think it is appleguard - but check on the maintenance thread or hopefully others will chime in
  3. thank you for your post! I will try and leave it out of direct sunlight but I live in a desert so that may be hard to do!:P I'll check out the maintenance thread right now.

    Yes! the aqua with GGH is's a pic...can't wait to get her...:biggrin:

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  4. Not an Aquamarine owner, just jealous :greengrin:
    Aqua + GGH = :drool: Can't wait to see your pics.
  5. one more pic.....:graucho:

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  6. awww..thanks! This will be my one and only Bbag....I had bought the teal twiggy (sold-didn't like the shape in person) then I bought the teal First (sold-was too small and decided I needed something with GGH) :graucho: HOPING I got it right this time...:yes: Funny, everyone advised me to go with a CIty for my first bag....did I listen? NO....:P
  7. The Teal Twiggy is gorgeous too but I think if you only want one Bbag then a City is the perfect size. For me it certainly is the perfect size; not too big, not too small, just right. I trust you will love it :yes:

    And wow ... :girlsigh:

  8. OOh that bag is simply gorgeous!!

  9. thanks! I'm so excited!!:graucho:
  10. What a fabulous choice, cverhoff! I think this will be the one you won't let go. ;)
  11. Congratulations, cverhoff. Aqua GGH is one of my HGs! I have an aqua matelasse too like missframton. I LOVE, LOVE the color of this bag. My bag shows just some very slight fading, but that is because I have worn her a lot and I have not treated her with any products, yet (have had her for about a year now). The fading, though, is not noticeable. I cannot wait to see your bag. Make sure you post modelling pics!
  12. Congrats!! Aqua GGH is amazing irl. I did also have an Aqua GGH city once upon a time, and I never noticed any colour fading on the bag inself. However on the corners of the piping it did fade a little bit. Probably not noticeable to most people, but I tend to be a bit OCD, so it did bother me a bit.
  13. i have a city. the piping is yellowing a bit on the top 2 corners. otherwise, it looks great.
  14. My aqua money wallet still looks as good as new. No fading or wear. I love it so. :heart:
  15. good to hear about the LACK of fading.....:smile: