Calling all ALZER, BISTEN and SIRIUS owners!


Oct 7, 2007
Hello all!

First, thanks very much for helping me.
I've been wondering, is the TRAY inside the only thing different about the alzer and bisten? Because the price is VERY different LOL
Also, would a sirius do the same trick :smile:? Or is this not to compare with a hard case?

Thanks in advance and if anyone has a pic holding a bisten 70 or a sirus 70...

Thanks very much and a very lovely evening to all of you!:woohoo:



Jun 21, 2009
I own a Bisten 60. The 60 indicates the length in cm.

The Alzer is also wider. As you mentioned the Alzer also has an inner tray.
The Bisten is therefore narrower and does not have the inner tray.

Personally I prefer the Bisten to the Alzer. Externally the Alzer also has an extra strip on the front - this is the easiest way to see the difference when the cases are closed. This is the brown leather LV strip (on a monogram version).

The price difference is not that great.... I think about 20% more which is fair considering the extra work involved and slight wider size.

Many people mistakenly confuse a Bisten for an Alzer - as they do look very similar. However once you own one - you will quickly learn the difference.

I don't think you chose a Bisten instead of an Alzer just on price. I mean either the bisten or alzer are not exactly cheap. if you wanted cheap you would not buy louis vuitton.
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