Calling all 35CM CLEMENCE owners....

  1. Need your opinion as to how Clemence looks over time in a 35cm. I know that it is softer than Togo and smooshier, but does it really become as slouchy and doughy over time? And now, after having owned your bag for a bit would you do it all over again? TIA--your opinions are invaluable; I need to make a decision soon. Thanks!
  2. O, is it another "rouge"??????????

    sorry, don't have a clemence 35 birkin. but i do have a a couple of shoulder birkins in clemence that's very stiff and does not slouch despite the humongous padlock!
  3. Believe it or not P, it is not another rouge! Hee hee...It's actually a neutral! :nuts: Gold to be exact.
  4. phew, thank god! gold in clemence is gorgeous! :love:
  5. You're right P, gold in Clemence is really beautiful; I've just never owned Clemence in a 35cm Birkin before. My 35cm Clemence Trim is slouchy but I expect it to be as it's not lined in Chevre and it works better as it sits on the shoulder. Good to know your JPGs don't slouch that much despite the padlock!
  6. I'd love to hear opinions as well...I heard that Clemence is prone to bat wings but would love to hear what owners have to say about the 35...O, I hope you get some responses!
  7. The Clemence I've been using the longest doesn't seem to be any slouchier than my newer Clemence ones. My personal preference is toward slouchy Birkins in 35's (since it makes them look a little smaller), so I like that look to begin with, but it seems to have held its original shape and not become even more pronounced. Didn't get doughy at least!:smile:

    If you're used to Togo, Chevre and your Blue Saphir Fjord though, keep in mind that the Clemence in general is going to start out smooshier. (I know you know that already.) Gold is gorgeous in Clemence - I think you'd love it!
  8. Style, your feedback is invaluable! It's interesting that you note that the slouchiness makes it look smaller. The first observation I had when I took it out of the box was that it looked a little smaller to me than my Togo. I compared it side by side and found the reason being was that the center slouched ever so slightly. I've been looking at this baby for the last hour and realizing that this could be a nice change for me. Oddly enough, I find it lighter in weight than my Togo--wasn't expecting that!
  9. orchids, it sounds gorgeous! please post pix including you modeling it!
  10. Yep - that's one of the things I like about it. Something about the slouch in the middle just makes the depth from the side less obvious. And since you're used to even heavier 35's already, this one should be absolutely fine for you! Can't wait to hear what you decide!
  11. Hi orchids, I wonder if it's an anomaly that you have found the 35cm Clemence lighter than the 35cm Togo. I have compared these 2 leathers (both brand new and unused) and the Clemence was heavier.

    Clemence is a beautiful leather if you love the softness. It is softer than Togo. But be prepared to see a 35cm 'fold' into a heap, say when it's 3 - 4 years old. I think the way you store it makes a difference too. If it is constantly sitting on its bottom, it will just collaspse into a heap over a long time.
  12. Clemence gives one of the widest and largest batwings. Swift will too. Sorry to say this :sad:
  13. Damn you people in your batwings talk. LOL

    I have two 35cm Birkins in Clemence and I def. get the same ones again. They haven't changed in slouchiness and I wear them lots. I also do not get the "batwings" unless I have them totally opened, straps undone and empty. It's really not as bad as people make it out to be.

    I hate the negative things being said about Clemence because it's a really beautiful, buttery soft durable leather. The corners of my bags still look fab and both bags have kept their shape nicely with lots of use.
  14. This is not the exact picture comparison that you would like, orchids. I no longer have my orange clemence birkin (this was from London, and is now with my mum), so I can't show how sloppy it has become.

    But I can show you the Before and After photos of my clemence JPG birkin. When it was brand new, and what it looks like now. It's 42cm but shorter in height. So you'd probably have to discount some.

    I have never let the bag sit on its bottom for long, having learnt my lesson. That's why I hang this baby up. It's either I have elongated pointy handles, or I have a fat bottom. I choose the former :rolleyes:
    Image072.jpg P1010002.JPG
  15. It absolutely is, E. :heart: No denial about it :heart: That's why I love it in my JPG shoulder birkin. And to avoid batwings, I use it like you see in my picture.

    Everything that's posted are opinionated comments, and with the person's experience with their bags. And it's all relative anyway. :flowers: