Calling all 32 Kelly Sellier Epsom owners


Aug 22, 2011
Hi ladies,

I'm considering a 32cm Kelly Sellier in Epsom, but am not sure about it yet, because I read on this forum that some ladies find it not practical, because the corners hit your hipbone when carrying on shoulder?
How do you like epsom, is it a very stiff leather or will it become softer after some time?
I would like to learn as much as possible about sellier and epsom combo before I make final decision; Please share your experiences with me, TIA ! :smile:


Dec 29, 2011
Hello Ann, I'm a new 32 Epsom K owner and 5 2" in height. So far I don't have the issue of the bag hitting my hipbone. It is flexible for smart casual and night outs eventhough it is sellier.

It really depends on the look that you like. Retourne softens over time and comes by often. Sellier is rarer seen especially in a colour you like. For me it was etain.

Happy deciding!


Aug 22, 2011
Pianoprincess and Vinia,

Thank you for sharing!

Aaaargh..., still contemplating between Epsom Sellier or Retourne, I just can not make up my mind...
Like the structured look of Sellier, but maybe too dressy, ladylike for my lifestyle. Maybe Retourne, but do not want bag too slouch too much.
May I ask do you wear her with shoulder strap or handhold more often? And do you use her daily or only for special occasions?
You ladies are very lucky to have Kelly bags, they are just stunning! :love:


Jun 29, 2011
I have a Sellier in Epsom and it's light weight, but it's a bit stiff to get in and out in a hurry. I don't have a problem of it hitting my hip bone, I am 5'5". Sellier does look dressier, more formal and more classic. It just depends on which style you preferred. The smaller size Retourne doesn't slouch as much, my 28 kellys are retourne and they just look softer but not slouchy.

In the evenings, I hand held the bags and in the day time, i use the shoulder strap.

Good luck in your decision. It's beautiful either way. I love kellys.
Jun 2, 2010
I carry it both handheld and with shoulder strap, just interchange depending on what my hands are doing at the moment..

It is a very ladylike bag in sellier, but I wear it casual and also for dinner, thats what I really like about it.

Hope it helps and enjoy choosing!


Le temps devant soi
Dec 17, 2006
I do find my 32 epsom sellier bumping easily compare to my 28 and 25 sellier. Epsom is not that light for 32 sellier. The handle itself already heavy. But the space is definetely there for my work papers. If you are not looking for big space but enough to put your long wallet, key pouch, coin pouch and some extra stuff, 28 sellier is better to run around (based on my own comparison). Will you be able to try on the sizes at the store? Have fun choosing! Happy H!


Jan 22, 2006
I have no issues with hitting the hip bone. However, Epsom Sellier Kelly 32 is not for everyone.:yes: You have to try this out if possible especially if you are offered in a color that you like. As not many do realize that certain colors in Epsom especially the past new ones may not be offered in Retourne version and vice versa.

A Retourne Epsom is equally as beautiful and will not be slouchy.
Dec 21, 2007
I just got my 32 Sellier the other day, so I can't comment on the bumping. I don't find it more dificult to open or close that any other Kelly. I've had my 25 retourne Epsom since March and it isn't slouching yet.