Calling all 20c grey classic flap owners

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  1. Hello All,

    I was lucky enough to score a grey classic flap (was on a few waitlists). I got one and had to return as it wasn’t handled well and had a pen mark at the bottom. Received my second flap and it had these odd (of course barely noticeable) black spots on the caviar. Anyone else had this problem? The bag seemed new and in the manufacture packaging(box and cloth, so what you get when it’s freshly new). I tried cleaning it with Cadillac cleaner but it’s not working. Any ideas?!

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  2. Weird, I don’t have an issue with mine
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  3. You’re lucky then. It’s so hard to see with the shiny caviar, but I spotted it and it isn’t coming off. I’m just upset as it’s new (yet this is my second issue).
  4. Hmmm nope, mine looks great. Is it on the inner part of the bag that rubs against clothing? Are there any more bags available? I got mine through Saks and I think they had a couple more left
  5. It is! But it’s new apparently, not touched. Mine is with neimans. Which I get good points so I’m a bit annoyed. I don’t even know what it is, but now it doesn’t make me feel better everyone’s is fine LOL
  6. I personally can barely make out any of the black dots (maybe it's the lighting?) but if it bothers you that much I would try and see if they have another. You'll likely get some wear on the bag eventually and it's personal preference how badly you want the bag i.e. if they didn't have another bag available in the company, would you be okay keeping this one
  7. Honestly I’m not sure. I know you can barely see it, I think I’m more exasperated it’s my second bag and she finally found me a new one and it’s flawed. Normally I wouldn’t care after a few wears but it’s brand new. But I suppose it’s something to think about.
  8. Oh I see it! I normally don’t but I definitely see what you’re taking about! I’m not home but I will check mine shortly!
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  9. Does it look like the leather is peeling off? If not it could just be glue residue.
  10. It’s not. I think it’s under the coating haha
  11. Ok I checked mine very carefully and I did not see any spots like yours. I have no idea what they are on yours but I do see them. What will you do next?
  12. Any advice? She said she can try to find me another but they’re prob not brand new (like in the box). Sigh. Such an expensive bag to keep with flaws!
  13. I did see some of these grey flaps have tiny black spots. I think maybe it was from the bag maker's tools? I was looking for small size and I was lucky to see 6 small grey flaps until I found the one I'm happy with, the 6th bag! Some I saw have deflated quilt at one of the bottom corner, some have very minor tiny black dots like yours but only in one place, but maybe if I've inspected longer I might have found more, and one has weird quilt shape in one of the quilts. But I do know these grey flaps are flying off the shelves really really fast. Those that I've rejected are all sold. Most people won't inspect as detail or fussy like me. But I just couldn't spend that much money knowing the bag has flaws that I'm not happy about. Classic flaps are so expensive now. So I didn't settle, although there was very high chance my stores wouldn't get this bag again or the coming grey bags might have some flaws too. I was so nervous waiting for the last shipment, and luckily one of them is perfect in my eyes. It could have gone the other way, the last shipment bags might have had worse flaws than those that I've seen and now have already gone, and I would have ended up missing out on this grey flap.
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  14. Wow you found six? Lmao you’re lucky. I was on a waitlist but wanted it from neimans for the points. The thing is, the first one had a pen mark (mishandling), and this one is under the coating. I wouldn’t have seen it as it’s hard to see unless u look very closely. I’m not sure what to do at this point :/
  15. I think I've also seen a small grey flap that had pen mark. Is yours medium or small size? At first I wanted to get medium then I decided to get small, but I've also tried 3 medium grey flaps. I think among those 3 medium flaps, I didn't see any black spots nor deflated quit in the corner, but I feel the quilts on the small flap is more puffy than medium flap, which I prefer.
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