calling all 2007 date code owners

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  1. Nita, Could you tell me how this affects the date as to month-to-month? TIA
  2. ^ I dunno..I guess month to month datecode should end in 2006...
    that's why I am starting this thread so we all can see..
  3. someone who got azur recently should have 2007 datecode..
  4. I bought Damier Geant Loup and I can´t find date code. Anyone know where it is??

  5. Try to look inside the pocket near the seam, it should have a piece of leather ..good luck..just search along the seam..
  6. I just confirmed with Louis Vuitton the date code has been changed for 2007. It is week-year format.. Yikes-yet another thing to learn!!:nuts:

  7. Cool good to I am itching to get 2007 LV just to prove it LOL..Thanks for the update..
  8. As requested, I check my pamelonne, but still a 2006...CA1006, I can tell you much thinner tag...not the old thick vachetta tag.
  9. I like the new code!! If I assume correctly, then if a bag is made in the last week of the year, it'll be something like 5027.
    Yay even more accurate to tell when my future baby's born!
  10. I just tried to check my new pomme d'amour items and the key holder was made in 06, but I cannot find the datecode in the pochette wallet?? Anyone know where the datecode is in the pochette wallet? I literally opened this thing right no code??

  11. I just took everything out of mine and could not find one either...

  12. or is it 5207?

  13. I got that bag and the datecode is inside of the inner sleeve pocket.

    Hope u find it. Mine was made in the 2006 tho.
  14. I think my thread started this thing..I posted a 'help me out' thread on my new mini lin speedy because the date code reads I was told it was made in Spain, the second week in Jan..
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