calling all 06 Legacy experts!!!!!!!

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  1. I got a question for you experts!!!! :yes: DId the 2006 shoulder bag come in natural?:shrugs: Here's a pic of the bag I won today.:tup: If its not natural, its a very, very faint whiskey. What do you guys think??? I love it regardless but I was just curious as to what color this really is?????

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  2. Yes, COACH did release Natural. Not initally, but when the 2nd group of colors came out.

    Enjoy your new bag!:tup:
  3. Thank you!:smile:

    Do you think this is indeed the natural color? I didn't know the shoulder bag came in natural.:wlae:woo hoo! I have never seen one on ebay before today.
  4. Congrats on your win. I love it.
  5. I can't be sure, but I'm thinking that's a whiskey '06 shoulder washed out by the camera flash.

    Congrats on the bag, though! I have one and LOVE IT!
  6. What color leather is the creed inside? I think I read on a post somewhere here that the creeds on natural bags are embossed on white leather, and dark brown leather on whiskey. Hope that helps!

    I am still loving my wallet by the way ;)
  7. You can call JAX tomorrow (800-444-3611) with the style number, and they can tell you the colors this style was produced in. But I do know that Natural was a color for '06 Legacy because I considered buying a Mandy in that color. It's not likely they made only one handbag style in that color. Call them to be sure...
  8. Yes, it came in natural. The creed is a white leather patch in the natural colored 06 Legacy. :yes: Such a great bag!
  9. Wow, Cverhoff, :drool:! You are the Legacy queen!!!

  10. YIPPEE! It has a white creed patch!!!!! :graucho:
  11. Congrats! I had that beauty on my watch list :crybaby: But I'm glad she's going to a good home! You got a good deal too...there are not very many Natural color Legacy popping up ebay anymore...
  12. I asked that very same question because the seller originally called this a whiskey in her description. I thought it was too light for a whiskey yet maybe the flash made it look that way. The seller then directed me to another auction and told me her bag's color was just like that auction which was an auction for a natural Mandy. It does have a white creed patch as the others asked about so it is definitely a natural shoulder bag.:yes: yippee!
  13. Very cool! Congrats!
  14. oh....I'm sorry! :shame: There was a natural Ali that ended tonight and no one bid on her....starting bid was for $209. It was in great shape. I'm really shocked no one bought it.
  15. I know!!!! Somebody please get me some help!!!!!!!!! geez!:shocked: