Calling All '05 Paddy Owners - Serial/Date Code Tag Question.

  1. I am trying to find out just how variable the date code tags are on the early Paddys.

    This is for a fellow tPFer, Wollny-Riemann, who has authenticity doubts about her March '05 Paddy.

    Please can you let us know the season of your Paddy, where you bought it, whether it has a serial/date code tag at all and if so, what does it say?

    We would be particularly interested to hear from any of you with a letter, as well as numbers, on your tag. :yes:

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. My grenat reads 03-05-53, no letters
    My bleut nuit and craie bags read the same.

    Addtionally, the all look identical, font, size, shape, etc.

    Hope this helps!!
  3. Thanks so much, hmwe! :flowers:

    You're always so helpful! :yes:
  4. My '05 rouge, khaki and bleu nuit all read 03 05 53. They are all from different places: Chloe Monaco, Chloe NY, and Nordstrom. My other 05's are sort of in purseatory and I can't check them now. Hope this helps.
  5. The original purchases places were totally different:

    Grenat =orig owner purchased at Ron Herman
    Bleu Nuit = orig owner purchased at Net-a-porter *I think* (Chloe-Babe??)
    Craie = orig owner purchased at Nordies, CA

  6. My pleasure!!

  7. My sable paddy reads 03-05-53, originally purchased at Aloha Rag.:smile:
  8. Mine choco paddy reads 03-05-53.
  9. All of mine are 03-05-53... blue nuit, grenat loaf, sable, tan loaf. .. Blue nuit - original owner bought at chloe in paris. grenat loaf --- original owner bought from ron herman. sable -- aloha rag. tan loaf --- original owner bought at a boutique in the south east.. I don't know the specific store, but I can find out
  10. Yes mine is the same (05 craie) though it does have a funny little M shaped symbol - see pic
  11. On my '05's the serials are all the same for the paddies whether they are the large hobo or the medium classic. It's 03-05-53.:yes: I checked my blue nuit, rouge, grenat, tan, and khaki medium paddys, and the khaki and chocolate large hobo paddys as well. It's interesting, I also checked one of my silverados, (the large doctor bag in chocolate) and the serial tag said "SA 58-04-05-54" :shrugs: Whatever that means. (It was from Neiman Marcus) I got the blue nuit, and the tan medium paddys from Neiman Marcus, the grenat, rouge, (both medium paddys) and large khaki paddy hobo from various reliable eBay sellers of authentic new bags, the chocolate large paddy hobo from leshent on eBay, and the khaki medium paddy from roz77772002 (terrific seller) on ebay as well. :wlae: My other bags are from mostly '06, with a few from ' the tags would be different. But, I hope this helps...:yes:
  12. 03-05-53, on my choco paddy. I got it 3rd hand (at least!) but supposedly it was purchased at Bergdorf's.
  13. Oh, I forgot my black large classic paddy from '05. This is what some call the "travel" size. :p It looks identical to the medium classic, (not to be confused with the large US Shopper from '06) but the dimensions are 20x10, and the shoulder straps are a bit longer in proportion to the larger size. The serial number is it's one number different than the other '05 paddys I have. :yes: Last year, Roz (roz77772002 on ebay) was on the hunt for this for a few weeks, and she was able to locate one for me.:yahoo: The leather on this is TDF. Hope the info helps with what you are figuring out.:heart:
  14. Thank you for your help!!
    A letter isn't usual, but possible, I think.:yes:.
  15. Here is my unusual tag..H 03-05-53
    I calm down because of your answers: Letters are possible, I think..

    Thank you very much for your help, chloehandbags. I didn't know all the helpful possiblities here are...:yahoo:

    My paddy was bought by galaries lafayette/Paris in Octobre 2005
    09_serial number.jpg