calling all '05 dolma green owners & lovers

  1. i've been lucky enough to acquire one of these babies (below) & would love to see photos & hear what you love about yours :tender:
    DSCF6080 REV.jpg DSCF6089 REV.jpg DSCF6093 REV.jpg
  2. I'm not lucky enough to have a dolma...but I'll sure drool over yours, aaa!!!:drool:

    she's gorrrrrrrgeous!!!! I :heart: that color!!! Congrats to you on your beautiful new bag!! :yahoo:
  3. Bama, I love this color. I don't have a green yet but I love the underlining green tones in this bag unlike the bright green colors that Balenciaga makes.
  4. awe, thanks ladies, a friend told me it's been described as a "bottle green", like on those old-fashioned glass soda bottles :cutesy:...mine is the 1st i've seen IRL, so i'm eager to learn more!!!
  5. I can see that but I thought of the lighter Army green.
  6. It's gorgeous, aaalla! Dolma is a beautiful color, but I don't know how to describe it well.
  7. How lovely!!

    I thought I saw this once IRL and it looks like it has a beautiful grey undertone...does it?

    Congrats aaa!!!!
  8. aaa that is one seriously beautiful bag:love: The leather and color are TDF.
  9. aaallabama -- you always have the most gorgeous bags. Another winner.
  10. you're all so sweet, thanks so much for lovin' miss dolma :love:...i've tried so many b-bag greens, but i think i've finally found the perfect one for me...i've had to sell off so many of my babies, but i don't think i could bear to part with this one :tender:...if anyone else out there has a dolma & they can post photos, that would be great...i've heard there's alot of variation in color with this one & i'd love to see more!!!
  11. Loooove dolma! Yours is so squishy and huggable...oh and scrumptious! Congrats!

    I took my dolma day out twice last week. It was the first time I've used it and I've had it for awhile. Out in the sunlight, it's a really nice neutral shade of green. Indoors its greyer. Definitely a chameleon color. I like that!

    Here's mine but it's a photo I took of it awhile back. I'd take one now but batteries on my camera need to be recharged.
  12. ^^ yummy, i love your day murasaki :smile:
  13. very pretty aaa.....congrats on your new bag!!!
  14. Oooohhhh, you've got one of my dream bags! Congrats!! It's drop-dead gorgeous!!!
  15. Aaallabama and Muraskaki

    Your Dolma bags are gorgeous! I would love to find a Dolma one day.

    I just love the Balenciaga greens.

    I hear that the Anthracite for 07 has a green twinge to it, so that is the next one on my list!