calling alexa owners...

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  1. so as per a recent thread some of you might know im actually changing my thoughts on the OL alexa, i know i think im going mad! ive been wearing it around the house and ive notice that the side parts that the shoulder strap is connected to is starting to pull up, a lot like tiree's OL did.

    mines a regular alexa i dont know if that has anything to do with it? its like the side loops twist and pull up iykwim?

    alexa owners does your do this to???
  2. Regular Oak Buffalo Alexa

    Yes but not as much as Tiree's did - due to being thicker leather?
  3. mmmm maybe its the leather then, i think if the side straps were tighter than it wouldnt do it!? mines the just as bad as tiree's! i wonder if the pink leopards do it to?
  4. BMB, My oak definately doesn't pull as much as the OL did however I have come to terms with the fact that this is the nature of the bag and it is slouchy and not sturctured. This is why I took the plunge with the peony pink. I realise it will most likely pull the same as the OL but that is that bag and I need to accept it.

    Perhaps I was too hasty rehoming my OL as that one may have grown on me however letting it go has enabled me to now buy the pink.

    I think I was originally hung up on the fact I expect a little more structure than what I got, iykwim.
  5. I think it will. I have tried to look on this Alexa they same way as the bow satchell I love. It too pulls up at the sides as most messenger would however it's not so noticable as it's a one piece bag iykwim.

    If the Alexa didn't have the front flap and just had a zip closure then the pulling would not be so prominent. Sounds confusing but I know what I mean, lol. ;)
  6. yes i totally know what you mean, i wore the bag for nearly an hour:P and then looked in the mirror and though ooo its doing what yours did!? i took off the should strap and put it all back the way it should be and just through if those side bits were tighter it wouldnt do it so much!?

    i had such a hard time with the bays today that i come to terms with the difference of the alexa! and have to say what a turn around im starting to like it, it has all my junk in and is still light! it goes with so many outfits to!
    ive forgotten the shinny gold hardware and can kind of see the bags beauty now! i have even just taken off the clear sticker that protects the front and its starting to look like my bag! rather than a bag that has no structure and has all its clear protector stuff on!!

    now all i need to do is remove the my wardrobe tag!! im nearly there!
  7. At the end of the day BMB, even if you use it for a week or two and realise it's not for you I am sure you will recoup the full amount that you paid and you can put the OL thoughts to rest and get on to the next bag.
  8. yes thats right. who knows i might get a oak to lol! saw the ink today!! gorgeous!

    another question i have to is you know the shoulder strap, do you find it long i know a couple of girls have had extra holes put in them???
  9. I plan to get another 2 or 3 holes put in mine but need to check out if I have a proper cobbler or leather store in my small town. I definately feel it sits just a tad low.

    Is your strap on the shortest hole in your photos? It does sit quite low. It looks stunning though and I think you should seriously think about keeping it.
  10. I have 5 extra holes. I sometimes wear the bag on the last of them and sometimes on the third. Never ever on the last normal hole. (I am 5'41/2")
  11. no in the pics, its on the 3rd down, the day i got it i wasnt feeling very well and i didnt really play around with it much and just thought dont like it im going to return it! and back in the box it went, plus i had the guilt of the amount of money, now after recouping some funds and such a bad day with the bay, the bays has gone in the dustbag and the alexa is out on display! ive had it on the shortest hole and its just a tad to long, im a bit scared of getting holes put in it but i think every ones doing it.....well the shorties anyway!

    seriously considering keeping now!
  12. ooo your the same height as me:biggrin: maybe i need a few more holes put in it then!
  13. BMB, ooooohhhh, exciting! I think you are falling in love................ It really does look beautiful on you, really suits your slim figure. I don't think you need to worry about the bag being too 'in your face' or 'too bling'. The overall effect of it from a distance is quite dark, iykwim. The tan and butter are both a lot lighter and brighter. I think it is beautiful and interesting. It is a lot of money but it was an excellent discount and the bag is really special.
  14. hee hee i think im liking it more and more! my sister came over tonight to and said its quite dark actually not so in your face as the putty bays! when i was walking round southampton today i kind of wished i had mine with me especially when i was looking at the ink and butter alexas!
  15. I am going through exactly the same scenario BMB. I had my OL Alexa delivered from my-wardrobe from the same batch as you. Yes, it pulls up through the side straps. Yes it's slouchy and out of shape with things inside. Yes, the leather isn't very thick and the strap is too long and yes, the hardware is blingy etc etc I also have emailed my-wardrobe as to the chance of an exchange for an oak. you know? This one is growing on me soooooooooo much. At first I was returning her no matter what. Now, I don't know whether I can part with her.