Calling A Coach Focus Group ,please !

  1. Hey Guys,

    Im Needing A Medium/large White Coach Purse For Everyday Use .


    Cha Cha
  2. Legacy Shoulder Bag in white leather. Or the same bag in khaki sig/white.
  3. I would wait for that Andrea satchel that is coming out in Feb. GORGEOUS! Or the Legacy Leather Slim Tote- you can just toss anything you need in it! Also out in Feb.:yes:
  4. this is good to know ! thanks
  5. White Andrea!!
  6. My FAVORITE bag is the Shoulder Tote in pebled leather. They make it in White.
  7. which one is that ?
    I suggest this in white (actually its more of an off-white. I think it is made for the outlets because I can't find it on the drill is basically the same bag as the one shown - slightly larger and pebbled leather. I love it, you can make it a shoulder or across-the-body bag. Outlet in MA has it for $209 with 20% off.

    ps - I have this black one and the pebbled off -white...and LOVE them both!

  9. looks nice !
  10. Oh, I agree! I've been wanting to see the Slim Tote! I'm so curious about what it looks like! The pics in the catalog have me intrigued! :graucho:
  11. I really like options #1 and #3 below:

    1) Carly Leather Top Handle

    2) Hampton's Pebbled Leather small hobo

    3) Soho braided leather large Hobo
  12. I own the shoulder tote in white and's wonderful and the pebbled leather is just wiped with water clean....white is hard to keep clean but in this style it's wonderful.
  13. ^^^^I've seen that one in person and it's stunning. I also like the look of the legacy slim tote, and would like to see it IRL!