Calling 226 reissue owners

  1. Calling 226 reissue owners!!! JUst wanna know if the bag is too small for me if I'm 5"5 ? Should I exchange it to metallic black 227 instead (if still available)?? thanks all for your advice.:yes:
  2. I am 5'7 and I love the 226 size. I also have the 227 but my favorite is the 226.
  3. I'm 5'7" also, and I like the 226 size. I think you should keep it.
  4. I'm 5' 6" and I have one of each. I love the 226 for day to nite, definately alittle easier to take with on a night out! But I love both, the 227 is a great every day all around bag!
  5. anoymous, CharityJ, chabich
    Thanks so much!! Im used to use my classic jumbo size, so getting this 226 kinda worrys me a lot if that would seems too small...i try to use the measurement to compare with my medium classic and it is a bit i think 226 is like between medium to jumbo size....hope im not wrong!!
    i would really appreciate if someone please model the 226 and 227 for me?? I really would love to see the difference..
  6. I am 5'5" (110 lbs.) and have the 227 black metallic reissue and the 226 black reissue with gold HW. The 226 is definitely not too small from a proportion perspective. However, for me the 226 is strictly a night or going out bag because it does not hold a lot. The 227 holds slightly less than the jumbo classic and it is a good size for day. There are lots of modelling pictures of both sizes in the reference section.
  7. 226 is a great size and not too small for anyone but I do find that 227 is the ideal size. Not too big and not too small. Then again it depends on how you plan on using it.
  8. i just got the metallic black 226 reissue , i find the size is ideal.I'm quite skinny so i think a 227 would look to big on my shoulder.But as mentioned i think it all depends on how you plan on using it. good luck deciding :tup:
  9. I have the 226 dark silver! and the size is perfect for day and night! . I'm 5' 2".
  10. I think your width is more important than your height. I am 5"2 and have a 226 in black and love it. When I was pregnant and immediately postpartum it was definitely too small for day.

    But now I'm (relatively) slim again,it rocks!! I'm a jumbo flap girl too,so it's always a bit of getting used to 226 again.

    So if you're tall and slim,keep your 226 but if you're slightly bigger get the 227.

    Anyway when you get the bag you'll know instantly if it's for you. I wished I had a 227 when I was pregnant,and I would still like one for those "bigger bag" days,but I can't be bothered to track one down LOL.
  11. I think how you intend to use it is most important. IMO 226 is a bit small for an everyday bag.
  12. I love both sizes. In the end I went for the 226 because to me the 227 seems like a day bag, while the 226 can go from day to night. The 226 can hold essentials.
  13. I have the 226. Im 5'4" and it's perfect. I think you should keep it. its a great day to night bag:yes: