Calling 1800 LV...

  1. Hello, need some advice. I know a lot of you call the 1-800 number to locate LV items not readily available in your boutique. If they are able to find one for you what kind of shipping do you have to pay?

    I ask because all the threads of the fuschia neo speedy is making me want one (and I am super angry with my DH) so I called the Hawaii boutiques and there are none here. There are some on elux but elux doens't ship to Hawaii....

    Anyway, if anyone can shed some light about how I go about getting one either through 1-800 (does anyone even know if they'll send to Hawaii?) or go about getting one transferred to my store I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. If you call them they will locate a store that has it and connect you with them. then you just pay for whatever the shipping actually costs. thats how i ordered my Jack and Lucie and i actually paid for 2nd day fedex shipping because i dont like to wait! just give them a call they are all really nice.
  3. Hi rileygirl! I actually called the 800 number once to locate a certain bag. They actually had the bag available somewhere but when I told them I live in Hawaii they said they couldnt really help me. They were saying something about Hawaii being in a different market. Maybe you could have it shipped to some relative on the mainland? Or have it sent to the Vegas store and make a short trip to Vegas??? LOL :smile:
  4. thanks aulii...i was def. afraid of this. cra%! I am getting obsessed with this crazy bag!
  5. So 866-vuitton doesn't ship to Hawaii?? That is odd! I was going to say- I just ordered an azur mini pochette (I live in CT and there are no LV boutiques here), and I paid $20 for 2 day shipping.
  6. There is both lichen and fuchsia speedy bags and denim baggy's on eluxury right now. Pretty sure they ship to Hawaii for an extra charge? Good luck!