Callin' all you GROOVEE-Y ladies....

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  1. #61 Oct 15, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
    Currant Groovees are TDF! :drool:
    I consider buying this exact bag myself, but wonder if the short straps are long enough to carry bag on a shoulder? How confortable is this? Are you able to carry it like this only with summer clothes, or with a coat as well? Mod pics would be awesome. ;)
    PS: I mean Baby Groove, not a regular one, and I'm quite a small girl - even size 0 is sometimes too big for me.
  2. I like the look of this bag in the photo a lot, the other photos make it looks so crinkled and sloppy. Is this the baby or the classic regular?
  3. it's the classic! this reminds me i haven't brought her out for a spin in a long time!
  4. Hellooo!

    I had the grey groovee ages ago and have always liked the style even though it didn't feel right for me anymore. Well, at the good thrift store today I came across this at a very reasonable price and I couldn't pass it up! Maybe I should give the style another try.

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  5. Great bag! I have always had a weakness for the Groovee style. I had this in Portabello and a pebbled leather one in a burgundy color. The pebbled leather is very nice and durable. I love purple bags, so I am hanging onto my purple Groovee. Congrats and make good use out of it!
  6. Thanks, Tiger! I didn't realize you had a Groovee!

  7. Yes, its the only MBMJ in my collection. I love it!
  8. Thanks, I decided on the Groovee myself. My boyfriend wanted to give me it for Christmas because he saw how excited I was, so I will have to wait a while. Love your pics, I like the classic black!
  9. Love the colour! Personally i love the Groovee - the pebbled leather is fantastic quality and hard wearing for the price, especially compared with some designers and my Tourmaline even survived without scarring a drink spill incident which nearly gave me a heart attack! :-o Yes it is a slouchy bag but that is part of its charm I think :smile:
  10. I like slouchiness.. Makes it so huggable :P
  11. Hehe exactly! :P
  12. I recently made an online purchase of the groovee (large) in black but was debating on whether to get the baby instead. I wish there was a medium size. I love big bags, but based on some pics, it looks like it could be the size of a small /gymovernight bag. I'm 5'3" and curvaceous. Has anyone had this dilemma? What to do?