Callin' all you GROOVEE-Y ladies....

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  1. ITA - What works and looks good on one is not right for someone else - I have been going back and forth with a bag for almost 3 weeks
  2. too true. I know a lot of people complain about groove's ugly shape when they use the shoulder strap Personally, I absolutely love mine, but I only use the shorter handles, I carry it by hand or in my shoulder, and leave the long shoulder strap at home with the dustbag. I actually love this more than hillier. I ended up returning the hillier i got because I hate digging around the bag to find my stuff, its way too deep for me. Same goes with the Aidan too big, too deep.
    Groove is the perfect size & depth for me, so it really depends what you really after. :P
  3. Thanks for your thoughts Amelia. What you like about it is the same as what I did. I won't use the shoulder strap either but loved the size, price, and leather. I think it will work well for me.
  4. the groovee is awesome, just dont use the long strap on your shoulder lol
  5. actually after reviewing my pics of the Francesca, Baby Aiden and Reg Groovee I think she is staying in the Port color I may try the strap crossbody but it almost looks like the Coach Sabrina when you use the Shoulder strap it hangs strange also
  6. you know, i saw a girl at the mall about a week ago carrying a reg. size Groovee w/ the longer strap.. and although it was kinda "shapeless" i loved it! if i ever see one for a good price i might spring for it
  7. :drool::drool::drool:

  8. it's a great gorgeous affordable yet chic bag, too bad I picked the wrong color (too light), hopefully someday I can have her back in darker color!
  9. Hi ladies!
    I just bought a brand new Baby Groovee in Currant from Nordstom Rack for around $189 + tax. Awesome deal and beautiful color. I will post some more pics soon!

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  10. pretty pretty color! congrats!
  11. very nice color!
  12. My first M by MJ bag purchase, another baby Groovee in currant:

    More accurate depiction of color:
  13. thats such a pretty color
  14. The only MBMJ I have in my collection is the purple Groovee. I still love it and use it once in a while.
  15. My 2008 Dr. Q Groovee

    :PThis bag was originally Portobello in color when I found it, but because of a ink spot, I changed the color to purple. Still a beautiful bag.

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