Callin' all you GROOVEE-Y ladies....

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  1. Here is my Groovee in Raw Sugar. Groovee RS.jpg
  2. I've been wanting a groovee for the past few years now, and this September I'm finally gonna make my first MBMJ bag purchase, but I've noticed I rarely see the groovee on websites. Has it been discontinued? :confused1:
  3. Which size are you looking for? The Baby size is all over -- Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, etc. I haven't seen too many of the regular, large size being posted, but I'm sure there will be more this fall.
  4. SuLi: I'm actually looking for the regular sized Groovee!
  5. The regular size Groovee is pretty readily available at most stores that carry MBMJ and online. I've seen them recently in-store at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. Also, the following online stores have them - (chocolate, steel, tourmaline, wave, black, dirty martini, currant, and port); (black), (black, new black, dirty martini, currant, port, and steel); (bone, black). Lots of nice colors to choose from in the regular size.
  6. MMMommy: Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to find it here somewhere here in Toronto.
  7. Wow I love this thread! To those with the distressed leather, I am loving the leather!! The pebbled leather is nice too and I know it holds up a lot better (and being the klutz that I am that's probably a good thing.

    But oh my, oh my! Where have all the funky colours gone this season! We're left with dirty martini and port?!! I want an awzum purple version or that lovely raw sugar or turquoise! For that matter, where has all that distressed leather disappeared to?! Any ideas where I can get these ladies? Last season they may be.... but hopefully they'll be cheaper too?

    And how do you guys ever trust buying stuff on Ebay? Aren't you worried about fakes?
  8. Hey guys,

    So I got a Marc jacobs bag for the first time today-two actually, the black groovee and the flash leola in blue if anyone wants to see that.

    I've taken pics of the bag with both straps, and the bag empty versus stuffed with sweaters etc.

    I have mixed feelings about it. It looks good on the shoulder with the short straps, but the long strap is a) way too short to be carried cross-body, which sucks, and b), it is very thin, meaning it cuts into your shoulder if you have something heavier, which I usually tend to carry around...

    Lastly, this bag has no shape! I am utterly perplexed at how to give it some shape when carried by the longer strap, it turns into a half-circle ball of mess... So be wary. I was expecting that the strap hooks would actually be higher like some of the older groovees I've seen... I'm thinking it depends on the model? What do you guys think?

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  9. wow!! I love that currant colour! Thanks so much!! I am now sure of my colour too!
  10. You've just pin-pointed the two reasons why the Groovee is not the most functional of bags. I used to own one, but it was just not practical to carry. The only comfortable way is on your arm, but then if you want to hold it in your hand, the bag is so shapeless and baggy that the comfort factor stops there. Sorry to hear it, aloof!
  11. I just bought the baby groovee in a grey color with silver hardware. Now I am getting worried that I should return her for the baby aiden. Seems like a lot less love for groovee and I don't want to use it if it is not a functional bag. Help!
  12. if you can make it work you should keep it! but i love the baby aiden
  13. I dont understand, if you own the bag already why do you care if others love the bag or not. Do you like the bag? can you make it work? Thats all that really matters :smile:.
  14. Well because I haven't taken the tags off yet. I bought it cause I thought it was cute but sometimes my judgement is bad so I like to know what problems others have had before I purchase a bag. It may still work but since I paid full price i want to know the cons of it.