Callin' all you GROOVEE-Y ladies....

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  1. i just got one too girls....and im kinda in love! :cloud9:
  2. Good on you June! The distressed leather is very you - I am sure you will have this one for a while, suits you alot more than the baby tan one did!
  3. Here is my purple Groovee

  4. so pretty TT!
  5. i love the groovee. the leather is so yummy.
  6. I can join the Club now :yahoo::yahoo:
    Here is my groovee. Not sure what colour is called, anyone knows?

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  7. Absolutely!! I am so in love with the leather :nuts:
  8. looks like electric violet to me. BEAUTIFUL! :tender:
  9. Thanks Jun, Yeah I love the colour.
  10. I wanted to bump this a little bit -- I know many of you have them, and it would be awesome to see more! I'm thinking about finally getting one, but I'm about 85% there. Thanks!
  11. Hi ladies!
    I just bought my first MJ today...the Baby version of Dr Q Groovee. It's in turquoise and I got her on sale at Nordstrom. I love the leather!!

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  12. I love that color
  13. this thread is awesome. :drool:
  14. I have the first season Chocolate Groovee from F/W07 with the herringbone(? i'm pretty sure thats what its called) lining. LOVE it! But i'm kind of embarrassed to show photos of it coz its quite worn out from 3 years of almost everyday use. Don't want to be mistaken for one of those people who abuse their bags :x LOL
  15. Great idea, I will post pictures later on today:biggrin: