1. Anyone use this Tmo service? I just turned it on tonight and think its cute :lol: I know its not a new thing, but for some reason I was just inspired tonight. The selection isnt as great as I would have liked, but I found that Bug-a-Boo by Destiny's Child, which was kind of cute because its talking about the phone:lol: Which ones do you have?:idea:
  2. I have crazy train (ozzy) and get your freak on (missy elliott)
  3. I have TMO service too and I love it. I dropped to a Prepaid plan since I mostly use my job's cellphone during the week and only needed a phone for light use on the weekends.

    My phone rings the "Fraggle Rock" theme. Everyone who hears it loves it. I loved Fraggle Rock, and its retro so its fine by me.
  4. ^^^wow! That is a cool theme! Where are all these songs? I didn't see them on the lists :sad:
  5. Noriko- I found it I think under cartoons or something. I can't really remember, it was one of the days I was trying to kill time and was scrolling through all the options.
  6. ^^^^ooo okay :biggrin: Thanks, I want to buy more of those tunes so I can have them for specific people. The concept is kind of cool.