Called JAX about the Red Patent Ergo Hobo...

  1. They told me that they only have about 24 left and it doesn't look like they will be replenishing the color!:crybaby:

    If you're sitting on the fence on this bag, with this number and PCE, you might want to call your lovely SA and place your order!

    Who me? Enabling?..:p
  2. Oh my - only 24???!?!

    Do it guys - do it, do it, do it, you won't regret it!!!

    More enabling for y'all.
  3. Oh good to know! The bag is not for me but I'm sure there are plenty here who'll wanna grab it before it's gone!
  4. 24? I thought someone said around 200 yesterday. WOWOW. Grab em up ladies =)
  5. JUST SAY YES!! :yes:
  6. ok, I have been convinced. I am going to call my store when they open and order it.. maybe... I might just go there and get it!

    After that I have to be on a BAN until I go to the outlet in late July !!!!
  7. ITA get it now! I knew this would be a hot one the minute I saw it! You won't regret it ladies $343 with PCE....a steal!
  8. Must resist... :devil: ... Unfortunately I have to! :ban: <--- Until 4th of July, then ban after that!

  9. Really? I just called and ordered it and they charged me like $368 I think. Was that Tax? They said they were not going to charge for shipping.
  10. 458 RTL, x 25% off so 343.50
    That means 24.50 in taxes? What is the tax rate where you live?
    Or it could be 16 in taxes and 8.50 in shipping?
  11. I think the sales tax rate is 8.25%

    I hope they didnt charge me for shipping because I asked if they would charge me for shipping if I placed the order over the phone. They said no, If they would have said yes I could have just came into the store and purchased it there. They have them in stock.
  12. Wow!

    This is an incredible bag, hurry ladies!
  13. Well I saw this red Patent Ergo Sunday and I just had to have it. It's now mine. I couldn't take the chance of it selling out. This bag is a beauty.
  14. I got one today in King of Prussia. It was a virgin. The plaza only had the dispay so I went to the Court. When the plaza checked, they had 11 in red in the Coach System. (300 or so Mahogany - plaza only had the display model)...

    Do Not Wait Any Longer If You Are Getting One.
  15. I got mine today!! I ordered it yesterday and was suprised I got so quickly! It's such a beautiful bag. I didnt get charged for shipping either woohoo !!


    Now I have to figure out how to slip this baby past my DH. It's gonna be hard, LOL