Called CS about Clay Shoulder Flap

  1. Something wired happen when I called Customer Service last night. Been thinking about it too. I called them about the “new” Legacy Leather Shoulder Flap – Style #11134, in Clay.

    CS Rep: We don’t have any in stock at this time.
    Me: Do you know when it will be available?
    CS Rep: NO.
    Me: OK…thanks…can I backorder one at a store using the PCE discount?
    CS Rep: NO, but you can place a order with us now.
    Me: No that’s OK…thanks for your help.
    CS Rep: Sorry, maybe try back on this Sunday or Monday; we may have them by end of week.
    Me: OK thanks for the info and have a good night…bye.

    OK, this tells me they don’t want us to use the PCE discount on these new products, which is OK with me. What do you think?
  2. I imagine they don't want us to use the PCE discount on the new stuff, but some very kind SA's out there do it. They rock.
    unfortunately, the store I ordered from would not do it. However, I'm traveling this weekend and I'm going to stop in a different store and see what I can get. :graucho:
  3. Why don't you just oreder the shoulder flap no. 11134 in any color available now and swap it out for the caly when it becomes available on July 30th.
  4. It's often simply of mater of finding the right SA. Call a couple of stores and ask for the same thing and just ask as though you expect that they can do it. Good luck!
  5. that's what I did. There are none available right now.
  6. OK...I think I'm going to try that...thanks. I'll order one at the store today and exchage after.

  7. Its true some stores will do it. I got some stuff as a bday gift (all from new catalog) and used my PCE no questions asked.

    Call your store. CS seems to be not as helpful lately.
  8. I had no problem ordering out of the new catalogue last night. I just gave them the item numbers and they looked in the computer to see if they were available and ordered them for me.

    Is the shoulder flap the one that looks kind of like the Soho XL flap out of the last couple releases? *hope that made sense*