called balny, got nervous and hung up..SA less than helpful!

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  1. carmen who got her black city advised me to call balNY to see if they had more in i called and got nervous and forgot to ask for Kim..and just asked the first SA if they had anymore 2007 black city in stock..and this is what she says "i don't know especially with black bags we don't have inventory on it it's all mixed up with everything else" and i said oh ok..and she didn't say anything else just sat on the phone not offering to say hey i'll check! so i said thank you and hung up..oh i'm an idiot..and i feel stupid if i call back now..what to do? just give up and hope i find a black city on eBay? anyone else get less than helpful SA's?
  2. Wait for Kim. She will be in tomorrow. :yes:
  3. aww thanks nanaz! i left her a voicemail yesterday should i wait for her to call me back or should i call her tomorrow?
  4. how about AR?
  5. ar only has 08 and they said all the black ones are veiny and distressed =(
  6. If you left a message for her, she will call you back but don't be shy to call her again tomorrow if you don't hear from her before closing time.:yes:
  7. Don't let SAs keep you from your Bbag!! Try calling again! Hope you find your black City! :tup:
  8. Just wondering: how many SA's does BNY have?
  9. I'm sorry that happened.
    You'll have better luck tomorrow for sure.
    I just got a lovely '07 Black City from BNY last week.
    Good luck and let us know how you made out tomorrow!
  10. Call Nordstrom in Sacramento, CA. They have a few 2007 black Cities in stock and they are SUPER nice (Especially Patrice). Plus, you can always return it unlike BalNY. I suggest calling them instead :yes:
  11. Don't let an SA turn you off. It is still worth buying from a known source as opposed to evilbay.
  12. ITA! I got my black city from them and they picked out a perfect one for me - just how I wanted the leather. They are super nice and helpful.
  13. I wanted a very dark black city so I went to balny in person (which was a huge pain) to get my perfect black city and the SA that "helped" me (NOT) told me "I'm going to bring out 2 for you to see and that's it, I'm not going to look through the bags." She was so nasty. I prefer the service at the dept stores.
  14. hey tofu, don't be nervous..if she doesn't call you back tomorrow, just give her a call again and ask for Kim...I actually sent Kim an email on Tuesday, didn't get a response and then called her on Wednesday because I was impatient. She is very pleasant on the phone..I'm sure if you talk to her, she'll be much more helpful than the one you spoke to today.
  15. I agree that SA's at dept stores can be nicer, but I like to buy from BalNY because of the tax savings and free shipping :smile: