Called Balny and.........

  1. They just got some shipments in:yahoo:. Oh I sure hope that they will finally have Electric Blue.. I'm so excited! I hope we get our calls soon, CHICAS!!!:yes::yes:
  2. Awwww, common EB!
  3. how exciting! can't wait to see EB in person....or atleast in the pics of tPFers!
  4. It is so weired. I called BalNY months ago and left my phone number when the color and style came in. They never returned my call. I wonder if I should call them to follow up?
  5. We don't even know whether EB actually came in, so I wouldn't worry. It could be more styles in the pinks or, if EB, a style you didn't list for.
  6. I'm heading over there right now and will see what they got.
  7. yeeey for Karenab!!!!!

    Can you please keep an eye out for brief with GH in vert thyme please???

  8. :popcorn:

    Come on EB!!!
  9. You rock Karen! I just called Kim and she was helping another person, maybe it was you!!! She is emailing me pics of Sahara later today.

    Can't wait to know what you found out!
  10. Any word on the EB??
  11. I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

    Well I saw the thyme with SGH on display and the bubblegum. Plus I believe I saw sky blue. I was looking at the twiggy in that which was on display right by where I was sitting.

    It reminded me ALOT of cornflower.

    I went to check out the black PT with GGH. I am semi thinking of a PT and so wanted to see how the style looks on me.

    I asked the sa about EB's leather and she said that she didn't know. She let me see a swatch of it since I had not seen that in real life yet. Only online shots.

    Its VERY pretty. Its a vibrant but DARK blue. Not navy. Not marine. Not as dark as that. Its just a vibrant rich blue. Like a very dark french blue.

    Sounds good to meEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  12. ^^Karen can't wait to meet you at NY for the EB hunting.:yahoo:
  13. That's what Terry (BALNY) told me. That's why I decided to keep my French Blue.:p
  14. Ahhh. So you PREFER the lighter shade of French Blue then?

    Do you find FB to be quite versatile during the colder time of the year?
  15. Right back at cha :tup: