Called a liar by LV Customer service, UK

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  1. I've lived in Ireland for the last 5 years, and in all that time, I've generally purchased from LV Dublin, phoned the store, have them send up to me (I'm way out in the wilds, up near the border with the North, and Dublin is about a 4 hour drive from me) not *too* many problems.

    I'm going down to Dublin, tomorrow week, to attempt for the third time, to purchase a Damier Pap 26 (previous attempts mentioned here, most recent in Venice....) anyhoo, as I was wanting the Pastille key ring, I thought I'd give them a ring, so they could put one by.

    I phoned Brown Thomas (dept store in Grafton Street) as usual and asked to be put through to LV. This time, instead of going through direct to the store, I was put through to UK customer service. I asked about the key chain, "I'll check the computer, it's due our mid August, but we haven't got any and don't know when we will get them"

    Hmm, they were on the website last week, though have now sold out. Anyhoo, I then asked about the Damier pap 26. "They are very low stock, when are you going to the store?" "Tomorrow week" "Well then why are you phoning now? That's far to far ahead to be phoning. Phone back next week"

    I was slightly gobsmacked at this reply and asked, "How long have the calls from Dublin gone through to UK customer services?" "They have always come through to us. Ireland is in the UK"

    Hmmmmmmm."Actually, Dublin is not part of the UK. Ireland is not in the UK. I asked because I have always gone through to the store and spoken direct with the SA's." "That isn't possibly true, because we have always taken calls for Dublin."

    At this point, I figured I'd be best to end the call. The "that isn't possibly true" bit, stung.

    "I don't appreciate being called a liar, and for your information, I purchased the inclusion ring a few months back, from Ling Mae in the Dublin store, perhaps you'd like to phone her to confirm?"

    You know, I was so annoyed, I forgot to ask her name so I could phone back and complain.

    There was other stuff, like what is the current price for the pap, and she gave it to me in sterling, and didn't know the euro price...

    I'm just soooooo ticked off. I was figuring the chances of me getting the keyring were realistically slim, but if I can't even get my Damier Pap 25, then I'll just ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.

    Apologies for the vent. :crybaby:

    No one else can appreciate the frustration!

    I thank you for listening.. now, off with you all and have a fab weekend!!!

  2. What a PITA! I'm so sorry to hear that you had a hard time in your search. This is NOT how it is supposed to be. Good luck! :flowers:
  3. Oh lord that was appalling behaviour from her :Push: And to claim that Ireland is a part of the UK :lol: I would be furious!
  4. That is just wrong!:sad: What is wrong with that woman? Call again and complaint!
  5. Aww... I'm so sorry... there was no need for her rudeness!!! *sigh*
  6. You know, I realise it can be confusing. For example, the reason I have "Ireland/UK" in my location is because I'm from the UK, but now live in Ireland, and work in Northern Ireland, which is in the UK. However, the North is a tiny part of Ireland, the rest of which definately is not part of the UK. It's not even as though there is more than the one LV in Ireland.... I could have let that go really, it was just her completely "I AM RIGHT" carpy attitude that got me. If I'd been more ready for it, I wouldn't have let her get away with it, but I was blind sided a bit by being put through there in the first place.


    I may try phoning again during the week, and just ask to be put straight through to the store. At least I know they'll send it to me if they don't have it, but I really like the experience of having a look and actually walking out of the store with something. To be honest, Dublin always tend to forget *something* when they send it, either the gift box, the dust bags, the tags or even the receipt!!

    Fingers crossed!!


    (And thanks for the kind words everyone, I'm feeling better already!!!)
  7. That is so rude of her :rant:

    I'm sorry you had to deal with someone like that. I would call back and complain. She had no right to treat you that way.
  8. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! :wtf: That's crap! :rant:
  9. Well, you're notthe only one. I've called UK CS a few times, and not only are they rude (most of them), they don't have a clue, what they are talking about!

    I called them a few days ago, as I wanted to hear when the groom collection would be in stores. They didn't know, what I was talking about. They promissed to call me back - that never happend!

    My SA on Bond Street (bless her), gave me the direct no. to the store long time ago, so I always call directly, unless it's during the weekend, then she's off... and I'm forced to call the stupid CS.
  10. Definatly call back and complain. If you know the date and time this happened they maybe they can figure out who you were talking to.
  11. That woman sounds like a complete moron, I would definitely call back and complain.
  12. The F***ing B***h I would have told her where to shove the last of the Damier pap 26...right up her a*** :censor: !
  13. forgot to add...I have called UK CS last year and they were so friendly, they even wanted me to bring a bag I had bought from Ebay so they could authenticate it and have a look at the repair which needed to be done. This woman sounds like a ***** tho, so I would 100% complain.
  14. That's really rude :censor:
    I hope you'll get the keyring and Papillon though (great choices btw :wlae:)
  15. Hey Kathleen,

    My DH is from Ireland (Dublin)! Anyway, that SA sounds like an ignorant **** (fill in the blank, as I'm sure what word my Dh would use). I was just recently in the flagship store in SF and the SA assisting me did not know what I was talking about when I asked when the groom line would be in the stores; she had to consult another SA, who then brought over "The Book." I peaked and it looks like the line is coming out on October 6th. I can't believe the amount of attitude the SAs have!