1. Has anyone tried this? The promise is a ten years younger body in ten hours (about 2 one hour sessions per week).

    I can't find a single bad review of this system on the internet, but I'm definitely finding that it's as I get better and understand the exercises more that I'm finally feeling a difference. So I'm not sure my first 3-4 hours really counted. :confused1:

    So has anyone had any experience with this exercise system and if so, how did you all like it?
  2. Alright, I had to look this up. Here's what I found..

    A Callanetics course consists of 30 exercises fulfilled each in 1 hour, involving deep muscle work. Taking a position, one must retain it while making small one inch movements and flexes for 60-100 seconds. Exercises are developed to involve as many muscles as possible.

    I have never heard of this, but I'm intrigued. Are you going to a class or doing it at home?
  3. I'm doing it at home via dvds that I bought on Amazon. It took a bit of practice but now I think I understand what I'm doing more and thus seeing some results. (it requires a lot of concentration.) I'm also taking pictures of myself to keep track.

    It's surprisingly relaxing, like doing yoga.
  4. however, I'm still waiting to see if I have the amazing results that people claim to have on this (just do a google search). I'm giving it twelve "tester" sessions to be sure.

    I hope so. At the gym, when I do weights, I just seem to bulk up, even if I do the low weight, many reps method. I guess I'm just prone to muscle in my arms and calves.
  5. Just by the definition it would seem like it must work. I just may buy some dvd's and try it out myself. Keep us updated on the results!

  6. if you get the DVDs please let me know how it goes for you as well. I'm really curious to see how it goes with someone else as well.
  7. Absolutely!:yes:
  8. well, I think it's working. I've been taking pics and I looked at mine now that I've done 5 hours of callanetics and I think I look slimmer, although I'm definitely not anywhere near where I'd like to be. So, I'm going to keep plugging along and update in 3-5 more hours worth of this exercise.

    On the DVD, they show an amazing transformation for this one woman over 19 hours of callanetics but I don't think she had my fat and bloating issues. Still, let's see! :smile:
  9.'ve got me interested now!
  10. Interesting... I'd like to hear more :yes:
  11. I compared my progress with the pics of people's prgress in the book and I'm convinced it's working now. There's a smoothness and definition that wasn't there compared to when I started this. Not huge, but definitely enough that I am inspired to keep going.

    and this is way better than working out with weights. With that I just seem to bulk up more, no matter how I do them.
  12. okay, wow...

    looks good!
  13. Callanetics...has been around for a good 25 years, ladies! This method and approach to exercise was started by a woman named (if I remember correctly) Callan Pinckney-this is so strange, as out of the blue the other day I wondered if she was still active. When her book came out, it made sense to me, and I did them for a long time. This is very interesting, what was old is new again-I can't begin to count the exercise trends that have come and gone since the 70s!
  14. I did this about 20 years ago. It was Calan Pinckney I believe. I think I am going to try it again. It was really easy to do at home. I hate going to the packed gym.