Calla Cut - I so want this ring...

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  1. Very pretty! A different design.
  2. Pretty!
  3. It is pretty!
  4. O.o - I didn't even see the earrings. Those *ARE* pretty. :smile: Definitely different than your typical stud.
  5. Those are very pretty.

    Along that same vein, I designed some earrings in a similar fashion, using pear shape diamonds to form a flower with a small yellow diamond in the center.
  6. It's beautiful. Looks so different from all the other rings. Great choice.
  7. That's nice and unique.
  8. very pretty! I like the first ring.
  9. Thanks ladies! I really do like the ring.

    Japster -

    Do you have a picture? Would love to see it. :smile:
  10. This is actually my bridal set! The catalog pictures do NOT do it justice, believe me. I actually dismissed it at first because I didn't like the catalog photo. When I saw it in person, though, it was beautiful.

    I'm waiting for it to come in (it's on order because I'm a size 6.75,) but as soon as I get it, I will post pictures.
  11. The ring is so dainty. At first I thought to myself, "gee, that reminds me of a butterfly". Then I read the description, and it was! It's really, really pretty and sweet.
  12. Very unique!
  13. What a beautiful and unique ring. Love it!