Call with BalNY Today...Very Helpful re S/S Stuff

  1. I must've caught them on a good day (judging from what everyone has said on here). I was calling to find out what new stock they got in the twiggy and then asked quickly about the Electric Blue.
    I was telling her I was debating between French Blue and Vert Gazon....her exact words 'Go with Vert Gazon because the Electric Blue will be too similar'.
    And she recommended giving up my quest for a juane twiggy because not many were I might have to and instead get a city or a step!

    Then...she told me she could take me email and call me/email me when they start up the waitlists....which she thinks will be open in about a month (she said definetly not until the Paris show is over)!!!

    Oh...and she told me to be sure to watch the Paris Fashion Show to get a better idea of the colors!!!

    IDK...probably nt helpful to many of you who already new this stuff...but she was just very nice and helpful!!!
  2. happy to hear that you got great service, congrats!
  3. this is very exciting news...
    thanks for this info!!
  4. Ah good news I want to be on the top of those waitlists!
  5. I never thought about it before, but a jaune step would be a very gorgeous bag!!
  6. good news~~~ i am giving up for the FB search now~~ thanx!!!!
  7. If I'm not mistaking, I'm pretty sure Tuesday is Prozac distribution day at BalNY Always call on Tuesday!! :roflmfao:
  8. LOLOL Purse!!!!!! I didn't even ask about waitlists and she mentioned them to me!!!! I was floored! It was basically because I was commenting on how the juane twiggy wasn't made in large numbers....and she said that I need to make sure to waitlist because that influences how many are ordered!!! So helpful!!

    And yes, I'll be waitlisting...probably for electric blue, sky blue, magenta, and bubblegum pink....and then make decisions once the swatches come out! Oh and probably waitlist for all those colors in twiggy & city!

  9. Oooh girl, you are sooo bad! :lol:
  10. so psyched about electric blue!!

    purse oooh you're TOO funny!

    is it time to get on a waitlist?!?
  11. ^^^she told me probably not for another month!! Definetly not until after the Paris show (which I think is set for 10/2)!
  12. i'm pretty sure that's how they differentiate tPFers -- the ones who call the moment the waitlists open!
  13. Hang on, I'm confused: so she said vert gazon (green) is too similar to EBlue? :confused1:
  14. She means that she will be buying electric blue in the future. But now she wants either a french blue or vert gazon. The SA said to get the vert gazon because the french blue and the electric blue are too similar. :yes:
  15. i think she meant french blue and electric blue were very similar. twiggers was deciding between the two for her next twiggy. :yes: