Call vs. Card for PCE

  1. I got a call from Coach last week letting me know about the PCE. I said that I hadn't received a card, but the woman said just to talk to the manager and they could look me up. Well I never got the card (though I didn't check the mailbox Saturday) and went in Saturday thinking 'no problem'. Ended up picking a large Carly, but then the manager said there was no note of the special event under my name. She went away for a few minutes and then came back and ignored me. She must have told the SA to just give it to me, but I was a bit put off. I asked her about it, but she just said again that it wasn't listed for me to have the discount. What's the deal with the calls and the cards? Did someone I don't know in another state crank call me with the right Coach info?
    I realize they were busy and people probably lie to get the discount, but there is no need to be so snooty. I even told her what came up on my caller id when they called. She was just annoyed and had no problem showing it. Can you imagine the business they'd do if there was consistently good customer service?
  2. Sorry about your experience. That's the second one I've read here about bad customer service because of the PCE thing. Really, why do these SA's/managers make such a big deal out of it?
  3. Thats terrible. Shame on the manager. There really is no reason for her to be snooty! =T BTW, I had no idea it actually shows up on the computer whether you received an invite or not. When I called the kind SA told me no problem and that they could look me up in the system and give me the discount. I'm in the system because I purchase from Coach but I didnt recieve a card. I wonder if they are making it up. Anyone know for sure if it really shows up under your name if you got a card?

    In my mind Coach CS has been consistently GREAT, but it seems like lately Coach has been becoming more like LV in that the CS ranges from amazingly good to terrible and unbelievably ridiculous!
  4. Yes, whether or not you are sent a PCE card from corporate will show up on the computer when they verify you in the system. I just started at Coach and they were calling top customers during the week to tell them about the PCE. There were also SAs calling their own customers about the PCE because one of the girls almost called me.

    I don't really know how all of this works but I would certainly follow through with a complaint. The stores and the managers are judged on their customer service. It is important and corporate does care. I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience!!
  5. I got a handwritten note from a store further out from me in Scottsdale. A new store opened up in Glendale not far from me and I went there and they said they can just look me up in the computer and give me the discount since I had given my PCE invitation to my sister to take to California. They said it would be no problem to look me up in the computer and I told them I could bring the handwritten card in from the other store with the SA's name on it. I thought the manager and the SA's at the Glendale store were so proffesional and nice.