Call out to nano Dora owners... Any present?

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  1. Hi there, just wanting to know what nano Dora owners think of it and any mod shots especially of what can fit inside. Can an iPhone 6 Plus fit?

    There only seems on person in the club house that has it and no reviews on YouTube or anywhere. Seems like the size and at that price point, people are opting to buy other bags right? But it's so super cute, and unique. :smile:

    I am thinking of getting one but undecided. Is it sturdy, and how is the convenience of getting things in and out? Would love to see pictures of it, and any comments you may have.

    Even comments from people who decided against it is welcome too.

    Happy Saturday!
  2. I have a Dora BB in red taurillon leather. If you're looking for a small bag to carry essentials, the BB size is more ideal than the Nano.

    I saw the Dora Nano at the boutique, and it just seems so tiny and useless. To me, the price is way too much for the size. Minuscule bang for your buck.

    Like you said, I suspect others would choose to spend that kind of money on something more substantial and more functional.
  3. No nano Dora owners I gather??.......
  4. Wow! No nano dora owners at all. Says a lot actually. Says everything, and I guess there is my answer. Lol
  5. It's super cute but super small. from what I remember, my iPhone 6 would fit and a ZCP with a little room for a cles.

    But for the price, the bb is cute and more functional.
  6. I have the Nano Dora and love it. It is small but larger that the Nano Alma. It is a really cute bag and will hold more than a person realizes when looking at it. As I recall there were not many produced. It really simply depends on whether you like the Nano collections. I have both larger bags and small ones but find I am always grabbing the smaller ones. My Alma Bbs are my favorites.
  7. I tried nano Dora in the store and I like it so much. I like it very sturdy, very structure and will keep the shape well. I was debating a few small crossbody bags (mini backpack/st germain bb/ pochette felicie/alma bb) to use up my credit notes. I really love black trim with mono. As I have Chanel minis, too similiar in size so that's why I did not get it. I ended up getting mini backpack.
    1463887534463.jpg 1463887547049.jpg

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  8. Oppss.. so sorry.. 4 pics came out instead of 2 pics.

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  9. Wow really? It holds more than the alma nano? That's great. Are you able to post some pictures of what you fit inside? There's nothing on YouTube or Instagram. You have both nanos? That's awesome. I would love to see them. Thanks for your input. Also do you think nanos are age specific?
  10. It's super cute! I sooo thinking about getting one

  11. I am away on a trip for a few days but expect to be back home by next weekend. When I get back I will gladly post some photos both of comparison to Nano Alma and what I can fit in the Nano Dora. I also love the mono/black combo
  12. Thank you. Hope you're enjoying your holidays!
  13. Thanks for your input. I'm so undecided.