Call Nordstrom in Seattle WA for Muse !

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  1. Got to share this with u all, i went to Nordstrom Seattle today, i know they are doing presale right now, but met a very bad SA lady at first not willing to show any YSL bags to me at all, she is holding a extra large Muse purple and Dark brown one, but i saw she show them to her customers but they don't want them at all so those 2 will be available now (and actually those ladies not even specific to ask her to hold those Muse bags, she just hold them but not leting me and other potential customers look at them), anyway saw another SA Daniel showing the only one downtown bag and chloe bags on sale to his customers, i ask him if he can help me after finishing with them, after he finished he found me and helped me, i asked him if they bought the downtown bag, he said they didn't they want a chloe bay bag but at the same case that Bad SA hold the exact bay bag for not even her customer ask for, he called around but is all out, and he has to ask her if he can have that bag after his customers has left and finally she given to him......
    Anyway after looking at couple of chloes , marc jacobs, i decided for the downtown is kind of light beige brown color, he said it is the only downtown on sale, he doesn't know why either, but i am happy get it for 40% off and he said only the extra large muse are on sale, but i think those are too big for me , so called girls they still have the muse.
  2. heres the pic of the dark colored muse on sale for $829.90 Please ask for DENISE...shes the manager at the store ( nordstrom seattle)and is holding this bag :smile:

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  3. do u have the phone no for the seattle store? so u dont want the bag right?? let me know so i can call in to reserve it.;)
  4. ^ if you go to and put in info for store #1 there # will pop up...I dont have it on hold..she usually emails me with bags she thinks I might like....go ahead and call and ask for denise.
  5. i just called the store and they dont have any muse on sale..
  6. Humm...that's interesting they must hold the bags, because i can grab the extra large purple and dark brown yesterday since the people went to look for the presale all didn't want to buy them, let's call the Mall of america Toni on the other thread, they said they still have the olive colors, or call the actual YSL store they are having 30% off too not 40% in YSL muse bag.

  7. did you ASK for denise??shes the one holding it.
  8. i just talked to toni and nothing is available at the moment (except for the olive with the stain), i would love to get that dark brown in the picture, what size is that?
  9. That one is Extra Large i think, they told me only extra large one muse is on sale if the are not wrong
  10. do u think the purple is still available?
  11. You know what try this , the not so good to me SA name called Peggy, she showed me the dark purple saying her customer doesn't want it , and i saw her show the dark brown and the customer doesn't want it either, talk to her she must know where the bags locate at (because sometimes after they showed them they just keep in some places they just know, other SA may not find them) , she may want to sell them to u to get the money because i saw she couldn't sell yesterday.
  12. ok ill try that, tnx lala!!
  13. um why arent you asking for denise? shes specifically holding the brown bag...if you are calling for someone else..obviously they are going to say NO they dont have it because each SA works with there OWN STASH OF BAGS that other SAs dont dip into.
  14. ill call denise too, thnx for your help ladies!!
  15. Let us know if u finally get anything from them, good luck !