Call Me Reverend Shushopn

  1. I just ordained myself online at the Universal Life Church (

    In some other post I mentioned how my close friend was 5 months pregnant and about to be married in the catholic church and she was worried that they would notice (or care) and not marry her. To ease her stress I offered to ordain myself for free online. She refused b/c she thought I would turn her wedding into a comedy show:rolleyes: . She asked that I ordain my husband instead b/c he would be good at it. I did and now he goes around bragging he's a reverend and even ordered luggage tags. Luckily, she's a twig and looks like one even 5 months pregnant so the priest never noticed a thing.

    Well, DH is away, I'm bored and I had some wine so I finally got around to it. I would appreciate it if you would call me Rev from now on and bow when I enter the PF. In return I will try to keep you from going to hell, but I'm Jewish and don't believe in hell so I'm kind of useless.

    I am now open for confession. Bring it on:yes:
  2. I think I'm still ordained as a Minister too. LOL. I'm the Jewy-ist minister there is. :lol:
  3. Hey, don't tread on my turf Japster! I feel there's a lot of work to be done here:yes:

    I'm so Jewy-er than you by the way;)
  4. You need to start blessing all purses or start performing marriages here (Meg and Vlad maybe?)
  5. Japster - I'll bless anything - I'm a little loopy. I read Megs dad is kind of traditional but it would be my honor to wed them...for a price:graucho:
  6. Ok, Confessional closed for tonite...too tired and loopy to do whatever reverends do. Feel free to come to me for spiritual guidance when I am awake.
  7. Oooh! I'm no longer alone. Maybe we start a thread called "The Confessional" where you can get absolution for your purse purchases!:P

    For a nominal fee! :graucho:
  8. Pejcharat - forget that I bet there is much juicier stuff to uncover here (I mean give absolution for)
  9. Lol ^
  10. I am also an ordained minister. I am Wiccan. Since there really isn't an official "Church of Wicca" in existence to get ordained at, the only way a Wiccan High Priest or Priestess can get credentials that would allow them to perform legally binding handfastings is through the ULC.