Call me crazy...

  1. No idea....i'm 5'6" too, and I think a 40 may me a little too big, especially in sellier....BUT that poudre in croc is to DIE for!! One of my fave's, too. My store has poudre croc on a Bearn........GORGEOUS!
  2. Isn't it divine? It just screams elegance, if you can picture that.

    I almost bought a black togo kelly in 40cm until a friend said don't you dare do will sag like crazy. That's why I thought a 40 in croc would be perfect, except it would have to be a light-coloured one.
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what's bearn? I have heard that in reference to a wallet, but...??
  4. Wow that is stunning. I am not sure about the size. I have a 35cm and I love it (I'm 5'1)
  5. Japster,
    What color is your 35? I am thinking of buying one for evening, but I already have a kelly, and yet I still want a 35 for day, but I can't buy TWO in the same color, in 5cm difference in size...I'd feel overly extravagant.

    MK has a 40 in pale blue as well....OMG. Gorgeous!
  6. I neglected to add that an evening croc would most likely have to be 30 cm...a size I'm not that comfortable with, as I feel it's too small for anything BUT evening. Thoughts? Are any of you multi-croc owners?
  7. Just saw this croc style in "graphite"... so lovely, it almost didn't seem real :girlsigh:
  8. Isn't Hermeslady also looking for a 40cm Kelly? Not an exotic though.....She's also about 5' 6 or 7" I think.

    Lady think if you saw the same bag in a 35cm you would feel the same way about it as the 40cm? I'm just thinking that a 40cm in an exotic might overpower you. KWIM? I think the problem with sagging is something to really think about too....would there be stress on the handle?
  9. Not sure, shopmom. I just LOVE the kelly in the bigger sizes though. Sagging wouldn't happen in the croc...what's KWIM? I'm a forum Newbie! :girlsigh:

    My problem with crocs are that birkins in 35 and over look quite large to me. In a kelly, they seem just luscious and I'm not concerned about the size. I need to see one in person before I can make that decision...difficult to do if you're buying from a reseller!
  10. I need a good SA in this Madison store. I haven't bought a bag there yet. Any suggestions anyone?
  11. That is an amazing bag. And what do you mean "only 5'6""???? I'm thinking 5'6" is above average. BUT that is a big bag. For the price is it really what you want?
  12. Lady Emma........KWIM = Know what I mean?

    love all the abreviations.....sometimes it takes me weeks to figure one out I've never seen before....LOL!
  13. Thanks ShopMom,

    I'm assuming DH is dear husband? LOL.

    I really enjoy adding pieces to my collection that are distinctive. I don't want to walk down Park Ave with the same bag as the girl on my left, if you know what I mean :smile: Yes, I'm a purse snob! The poudre is so understated, classically elegant. Yum!
  14. Thread High Jack
    In tpf main section is a great thread on abbreviations. It's the only way to go instead of wracking one's brain to figure them out.

    Love, love the croc color. I'm 5'6" too and tried a 40cm but felt it was a bit overwhelming & figured as I got older I would not want a bag t h a t big!!