Call me crazy. I probably am.

  1. But I don't really like my Outdoor diamond stitch Tote. I have the large. I was able to score an almost brand new bag from a really reputable eBay seller. [Thanks to the wonderful ladies on the authentication forum.] It was in great shape. I kept it for awhile thinking it was too big and finally decided to carry it. I've carried the bag for about 3 weeks, and I find it too cumbersome. I'm 4'11" and I carry big bags all the time. This one is just too much width. Plus I'm afraid of getting it ruined in the snow. Now I don't know what to do. :confused1: I'm thinking that the cloudy bundle would be right for me, because I wanted a 'cushy' soft bag.:s Any advice? I'm really upset.
  2. How about a bubble quilted Chanel.
  3. Might be good...I'l take a look at the ref. section. I just can't bear holding onto this bag and not using it.....