Call me crazy, but I think this is a "sign"!

  1. ** Be prepared for a massive post with rambling **

    In October last year I went summer clothes shopping...

    Among other things, I purchased two baby doll dresses in blue and red. Mind you, I dont really buy the same thing in different colours, unless it's singlets tops or if I really like the peice of clothing...

    Since buying these two dresses, I got my first Bal which was a Navy Twiggy and soon to follow a Rouge Vif City...

    It was only when I was cleaning out some old clothes that I caught sight of the two dresses side by side on a hanger... and I thought, how funny - they match both of my bags I currently have.

    So... last week I went shopping and found a Cardigan I liked in a gorgeous Green colour. I then saw it in an orangey red colour...

    I ended up buying them both...

    Which leads me to the point of my story!

    I think that it was a sign that the colours I need to go for next with my Bal bags is Vert Gazon and Rouge Vermillion!

    Yes, I agree, I am a little nuts :upsidedown:

    I've attached pics of the dresses and cardis so you can see what I mean...
    Red & Blue Dress.jpg Green & Red-Orange Cardi.jpg
  2. That's an expensive sign! lol
  3. Your sign couldn't be pointing to prettier colours...
  4. True, but its one I needed! I have been soooo undecided on colours...!

    And I need to get my head sorted out before my bf tells me to choose a bag (lets hope that day is soon!)
  5. I know... I saw the Breif in Verm and it was TDF...

    Vert Gazon is also amazing... perhaps in the weekender... :graucho:
  6. Very cute outfits! :yes: Getting both bags is quite the spending spree - will they go with other clothes you wear?
  7. I know its wishful thinking... but if my bf gets me the Verm in the Breif, at the end of the year I will treat myself to Weekender in VG!

    I wear a lot of black, so my coloured bags go well with my outfits...

    Plus, a lot of the time im not matchy-matchy just really random.
  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Out of all my bbags my vert gazon gets the most compliments. I love this color and the leather is thicker than my other two bags. It is just now starting to soften up and feel smooshy.
  10. I think the emerald would look better with that cardigan. There is a lot of blue tones in the cardigan which would compliment the emerald nicely. Tought, the vert gazon is just so breathtaking.
  11. fashion-cult, I like the way you think!!!;) I have the vert gazon work and absolutely love it!!!
  12. Lol!
  13. Glad that you figured out what you want, I still don't know what color I want next.
  14. I like your way of thinking fashion-cult!! A definite sign and vert gazon is soooo pretty!!
  15. Vert Gazon is a great color! I have it in the First and it goes with a lot of things, more than you would think!