Call me crazy but I am seriously thinking.....

  1. about selling my MC flap in order to allocate some funds towards the cruise coco cabas bag in Khaki.....I think I really want the coco cabas after trying it out at the trunk show. I normally dislike big bags coz I often feel that they are too overwhelming for my 5'1" frame. But today when I tried the coco cabas, not only I didn't look shorter, but I look HOT (well, I mean she looks hot and I look hip!:lol: ) I feel like I cannot miss that bag!

    But since I am so broke, and DH just told me we need to limit our spend in the next couple of months since the deadline for property tax is around the corner (so expensive!) and plus we will also have some extra spending due to some out of town trips in the near future (friend's wedding In SF.....Vegas trip with his parents etc.)

    Anyhow, since I have several flap bags that have similar capacity, I am thinking to sell one of them, and the MC flap is the one I love least (I still like that bag and would love to keep it, but I guess I haven't developed a very "deep, serious relationship" with it since I have only used it once).

    What do you think? Should I say byebye to the MC flap for a new love? :crybaby:
  2. Your funny hikarupanda. Seems like you like to change your bags often, jus like me. You sound like me, funds are abit limited, but still can't get enough of owning another love.:idea:
  3. Is it too late to return it? Didn't you just purchase your MC flap a few weeks ago? I like both bags but I prefer the new Cabas. It's a tough choice since they are entirely different bags.
  4. Yes, return it if you can.....

    I am not a big bag person either but have the hots for the new baby cabas!
  5. Yes, return /sell her.
    Sounds liie your heart pulling you another direction, move on!
  6. While I love the MC flap, the coco seems like it will be a WOW bag. Go for it!
  7. I say go for the cabas!! most likely you will fall inlove with it, and you probably would much rather a bag that you LOVE, rather than one thats... just another bag? I say do it! hehe. Make sure you tell us your decision!
  8. Well, since I already used it (I actually went to the trunk show with it so my SA saw me carrying it already), and I passed the 14 days return policy, I don't think I can return it. Ebay will be my next stop I think.
  9. If you don't like it, sell it soon so you get more value back. I'm thinking about selling my cambon tote to get a cabas too. Go for the cabas!

    How big is the cabas you're getting it?
  10. It seems you have been having mixed feelings on this bag. That is definitely a sign that you might not be in love.

    I would sell it on Ebay and get the Cabas bag that you really love. I try to think about it this way. There are so many beautiful Chanel bags out there....but with most costing around 1500 more or less how many can we really buy in ....lets say...a year? Not even counting other designers (I didn't want to say that ....but have to be realistic lol) . So you have to get the one that you really LOVE....the one that you are so excited to have and can't wait to wear....the one that you thought about when you left the store....the one that you would miss if you sold it....

    You will probably get very close to what you paid for it because I am sure it looks brand if you just list it as worn x number of times in perfect condition......I am sure that you will do well with it.
  11. Hikaru, when you wrote that you had to superglue a part of the leather on your MC flap, a red flag waved in my head. It doesn't sound like a bag that will hold up well, so I agree, sell it while it's still hot!

    As for the baby Cabas, the wait lists are already long and I am hoping there is fallout. Nordstrom is only getting 2 of the khaki/copper color, and I am number 3 on the list. I guess I'll have to start putting my name in elsewhere as well!
  12. If you're not in love... get rid of it and buy something that makes you feel great.
  13. ^ roey, I also think what happen to the leather is that one of the link on the chain on both side of the bag starts scratching the leather due to movement when you carry the bag, as the result a small piece of leather on the side peels off a little bit. Although that portion of the bag is really hidden and not noticable since the leather is like behind the chain.

    So I think I will sell the Mc flap ASAP on ebay. It is a cute bag I must say, and it does go with tons of things. It's just that to me it's hard to find a big shoulder bag I love, and coco's cabas is it! The MC flap does look brand new though (at least mine is better than all those displays I have seen in various stores because I picked the best in the store and I am SUPER careful with my bag!)

    The small cabas has long list too indeed, so I am actually on 2 lists in the 2 different stores now. I think I should be able to get one. I am hoping so!
  14. how big is the small cabas?
  15. ^ oh, I don't have the dimensions of the cabas. sorry.