Call me a copy cat, may I present my SLG rainbow:

Nov 26, 2009
Orange Kingdom
Hello ladies

I've been a silent reader most of the time, and only contributes to the inventory thread whenever I pay my local store a visit, and occationally to the references thread. However I have leared so much from tpf and I think it is time to contribute a little.

Recently, there's an article on Hermes Agendas in the local news paper (the apple daily), it had this photo in it:

I have been collecting these cute pagemarkers for a while now, so I have decided to copy this idea, and took a photo of my own :

May I present my "copy cat" version of pagemarkers:

This is what it looked like before I copied the idea, but I think I like the new one better^^

The colours from left to right are:
1)Rouge Indian
4)Blue Jean
9)Rose Shocking

Next, can you guess what this is??

Yes!! it is Christams!!!:yahoo:

Since Christimas is not far away, let's add a bit more colour to celebrate this joyful season:

My Rainbow Bastias:

And Finally the true Rainbow: (SLGs only... still working towards the rainbow bag:graucho:



Nov 26, 2009
Orange Kingdom
I am sorry, i don't know why the photo from the Apple Daily didn't come up when I insert the link!

Thank you ladies for your kind comment!! Hermes SLGs are indeed very addicting!! They all seem so "cheap" (in H world) compared to the bags, so I tend to buy without thinking too much on the prices. One day I look at my 3 drawers of Hermes SLGs, and counted the total price, it was roughly equivalent to 5 Birkins (with Asian Prices):wacko::wacko: (SHOCK SHOCK!)

But seeing my rainbow really do make me smile, and I have been proudly showing these photos to my SAs!! (and to remind them to keep these for me whenever they re-stock!)

Hanyeu: My SA told me that they have been getting phone calls asking for these pagemarkers since this article came out, where as before then, it was only me buying them, I probabily have bought 80% of the Bellavita's stock!:sweatdrop:


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Aug 5, 2009
San Francisco
OP, ahh, I love rainbows! Everything is absolutely gorgeous! So many juicy and vibrant colors!!