Call from my SA on Miroir Lockit

  1. Ok, i just got a call from my SA, i had called her last week about the Miroir Lockit and the waitlist. She just said that she found out they are not coming out in Miroir collections with the LV's but they will be in Silver and Gold in the Suhali and will coming out this summer as a limited edition and she added me to the waitlist. I know this has been somewhat discussed but after her call...:shrugs:

  2. Those are also part of the colors coming for the summer...there will be a total of 9 colors of the Lockit coming out including the Miroirs.
  3. Hmmm I wonder how thats going to look... I want to know a definate answer on this though
  4. The gold and silver will look the same as the gold and silver pieces that were released in limited numbers a couple of years ago.
    Here's a silver L'Aimable:

    and a gold Le Fabuleux:
  5. maybe i will tell her if she finally is able to start a wait list ever for the miroir to add me to it!
  6. Definitely do that! :yes:
  7. sorry guys I'm just a bit confused :push: so we have confirmation that mirior lockit in PVC will definitely come out or are we saying that silver/gold leather version lockit will come out or both?? Anybody from Australia had any further confirmation from their stores?? Thanks!!
  8. lvbabydoll~ thanks for the visuals
  9. From an inside source, both the PVC and the Suhali ones will be released. This is of course assuming that there aren't any production problems like there were with the Miroirs the first time around.
  10. You're welcome!
  11. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM gold Suhali... :drool:
  12. yes thanks for the pictures! im sorry i didnt say that before! :blush:
  13. OHHH I love the gold suhali!?! It's fabulous. I may put my name down for that over the mirror. If I remember correctly, I also think Twinkle Tink received confirmation from her boutique about the mirror lockit!?!
  14. Thanks very much for the clarification!:yes: Any idea when they will be out? Thanks!!
  15. There's confirmation from Australia that the lockit will be out in miroir.