Call for Paper Tag Info: deciphering the last group of numbers

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  1. To my recollection and research, this has not been done yet.

    So we need your help in collecting as much data on the last group of numbers on our paper tags! :yes::yes:

    This is a pic of the tag for F/W 05 Black City:


    If you could post the data found on the top row of your cards, I will pop that into my s/s and see if I can find a pattern :tup: Maybe there isn't one, but I have been dying to know :P

    Please include the following:

    Bag Style & Color Name + Top Row Tag Info

    for example

    City, Black: 2005 3 115748 D941T 364

    2005 = year
    3 = season
    115748 = style

    D941T = ??
    364 (last group of numbers) = ??

    -- maybe the last group is simply the number of the bag in that batch?? but let's find out!!
  2. Yeah! This has always perplexed me.

    Olive Day: 2005 3 140442 D941T 289
    Rouille Twiggy: 2006 1 128523 D941T 835
    Marron First: 2006 3 103208 D941T 525
    Ink Oval Clutch: 2006 1 159675 D940T 869 (yes, this D# is different!)
    Antracite City: 2007 1 115748 D941T 6
    Greige First: 2006 3 103208 D941T 191
  3. Me too!! hee hee

    Thanks Highgloss :yes:
  4. It's me again. I can not resist but bought this mysterious colour city.

    Here's my tag. :confused1: Season one? What are the neutrals for season one?

    Attached Files:

  5. 2007 = year
    1 = Spring Summer season
    115748 = City
    D941T = :confused1:

    1310 = :confused1:

    Neutrals for S/S 2007 in perceived order of darkness:

    S/S 07 'V' 2007 1 Naturel
    S/S 07 'V' 2007 1 Sandstone
    S/S 07 'V' 2007 1 Cafe
    S/S 07 'V' 2007 1 Truffle

    Can you post a pic??

  6. Anthracite City 2007 - 2007 1 115748 D941 T 6

    Sandstone Twiggy 2007 - 2007 1 128523 D941T 65

    Taupe Day 2005 - 2005 1 140442 D941T 264

    French Blue Coin 2007 - 2007 1 130783 D940T 999

    Black First 2006 - 2006 3 103208 D941T 137

    Blue India City 2006 - 2006 3 115748 D941T 613
  7. hhmmm, I am beginning to this that the last group of numbers is actually the real Serial Number, as in the number of your specific bag produced in that color, season, style, etc.

    Keep 'em coming though!! :woohoo:
  8. this is my black city paper tag info:
    2005 1 115748 D941T 250

    what does the 1 mean after the year? the season? so would that mean mine is from pre-spring?? so confused:confused1:
  9. nevermind, just read further up the thread:
    the 1 = spring/summer
  10. 06 Grenat Work
    2006 3 132110 D941T 206

    06 Black City
    2006 3 115478 D941T 103

    More later when I get home from work and errands...
  11. I'm not sure yet...alisonanna's Anthracite City number is exactly the same as mine, so it can't be a numbering system for each individual bag.

    Or do you mean every Anthracite City will have one number, every Anthracite First a different number, etc?

    We'll crack this code!
  12. I'm going to start with 07 bags.
    FB GH work:

    2007 1 173080 D941G 1019

    Vert d'eau RH brief:

    2007 1 173086 D941T 1085

    White GH brief:

    2007 1 173085 D941G 964
  13. Ok, so a a pattern is emerging with the D-number:

    D941T seems to be Regular Hardware
    D941G seems to be Giant Hardware
    D940T seems to be for the clutches/accessories

    . . .

  14. I have a lot of infos at home...
    but I'm afraid I won't be able to post the magic numbers before saturday :sad:(
  15. This seems right. :yes:
    My tags are scattered in various places throughout my room, but from what I recall, mine (all w/RH) also say D941T. And I just got a toilet case yesterday, and the tag reads D940T.

    As for the last group of numbers, I heard from somewhere that they could be the batch for the leather?? :confused1: I'm not 100% sure about that, though. [​IMG]
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