Call for Navy 228???

  1. Just want to know, did anyone get a call or got a Navy reissue in 288 yet??? Still waiting for mine......................:confused1: maybe I'm out of luck this time???
  2. try jennifer at the chanel boutique in sf, she's amazing! just spoke to her and she told me they were getting the 228 in navy, maybe they still have a few left?
  3. Saks in Atlanta are getting some.
  4. My freind received hers from Saks Beverly Hills :smile:
  5. Do you know when did she received hers?? I'm in Canada, called my store today and they said they haven't received the 228.:s
  6. Does Saks have theirs in yet? As of last Thursday, they had not had theirs in yet (in Beverly Hills).
  7. Saks are getting navy and black 228... but they don't have any 226 nor 227 though!
  8. my saks got in the 228 metallic black but I am still waiting for the navy 228 too and no call yet......I keep checking my voice mail....btu she told me last thursday they were coming. she was jsut opening the shipment with the 225's and 226's though....
  9. I'm still waiting for my Navy 228..............everyweek I called them, they said it's coming but still no sign of it???:confused1: Why it takes so looooooooooong for the Navy 228 to arrvie?? Maybe the BEST comes the last!!!:tup:
  10. ok, just stopped in to my Saks Chanel today to pick up my black 228 w s/h. I told her if I get the navy 228 i may be returning the black, but if the navy doesn't come in for some reason, at least I have a dark one...but boy, do I want the navy. She assured me thery were coming any day now. i will post to this thread the MINUTE I get the CALL and have that bag in my hot little hands!
  11. It's here, it's here!!!! :yahoo:Just got the call from my SA, my Navy 228 just came in..........finally. I'll go and pick it up tomorrow, can't wait.:drool:
    trishaluvslv, I think you will get your call real soon. Good Luck.
  12. Oh I can't wait to see pics!
    even though My wallet doesn't want me too
  13. Ok, I am calling my SA now, god, she is going to be so sick of me calling her, NOPE, not in yet - :wtf: wtf? ok, can someone splain' to me why they don't drop at the same time to Saks stores? I am beginning to regret returning the black 228.......thanks for the heads up though airtoby....let me know when you get her! I am so happy for you!!! :yahoo:
  14. Got my Metallic Navy in 228 today. she's very pretty and I LOVE the size.:wlae: Will post pic later, I tried to upload it but it failed.........:confused1:
    Just want to know how do you care and protect the metallic leather????? any advice??
  15. Here she is!!!!! My new Navy Baby.......:love: hopefully the pics work.
    P1000637a.jpg P1000638a.jpg