call for Jimmy choo Ramona owners!!!!

  1. Hey guys,

    I'd really appreciate it if you could post pictures of your JC ramona's! I'm thinking of getting one. Also, any advice - should i get it? is it worth it?

    let me know

  2. no one?
  3. I have one of the original Navy Ramona's - I bought mine when they first came out, I fell in love with the chic look of the bag, hesitated because of the cost, however, so glad I did-- I get tons of compliments (as I do with most my Choo bags). So, my vote is yes, if you love it, want it, get is short, enjoy!!

    Don't have time to post a pic right now, just going out the door, in fact, that's the bag I'm carrying today!!
  4. I just purchased the black patent Ramona for my Christmas gift to myself. I will try to post a photo this week. I love it and would buy one in every color:nuts: if I had the budget to do it! Go for it.
  5. Yes and Yes!!!

    When I first saw pics of the F/W 06 bordeaux patent Ramona last July, I RAN to my local Jimmy Choo boutique after work and bought it--even though it was about 90 degrees that day; too hot for patent! Since then, it has become my favorite bag (and I have a lot of them). And it's hands-down my most-complimented bag. It's glam and has a lot of sex appeal for a tote! It is easy to carry and holds a lot, but doesn't look enormous. It's very well made and has several interior pockets and pouches. I absolutely love it.

    Also, I think that the Ramona has moved beyond being "trendy" or an "it" bag. It's going into its third or fourth season, since it first came out in late 2005 or early 2006. It's becoming a permanent part of the Jimmy Choo line, from what I can tell.

    The F/W patent Ramona bags are basically sold out worldwide (except for a few blue ones left kicking around the department stores like Saks). But the regular leather ones are very nice too. Here's a pic of my Ramona. If you do a search on "Ramona," you can see several pics that other tPFers have posted in various threads.
  6. That bag is gorgeous!

  7. HOW can I search tho? I cant find the search button anywhere :sad:
  8. You will love the Ramona. I have one in chocolate and it is one of my favorite all time bags.
  9. There are several purple-pink bars that run across the top of the pages; one has a button to "SEARCH" the entire site or do an advanced search, another has a button to "SEARCH THIS FORUM."
  10. this is so going to be one of my next bags - I lust after a ramona!

    Congrats to all you lucky gals who have one
  11. I've been lusting after it for quite a while - I just can't stop having the nagging feeling that it is a super trendy bag.