Call for Availability

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  1. When a product on the website says "call for availability" does it ever come back in stock or is this a signal that the product is going to be no longer available? I'm asking because I was going to order a multicolor sarah wallet in noir last night but the website now says "call for availability." Also, does this mean that some stores might have the wallet but not the website?
  2. A "call for availability" item could still come back in stock. Also, as you mentioned, some pieces may still be available in stores (so indeed you have to call!).

    Since MC is discontinued, this may be the last of the Sarah in MC (?).
  3. They can occasionally rustle up a piece that is "call for availability". Give them a call.
  4. DEar, I call the boutique for I piece that is "call for avilability" and the bag (evasionion mini pochette bag) did't came! But last week I ask for the new Croisette bag (that is "called for avaibility) and the sell person contact me Yesterday because the bag now is available!
  5. Depends what it is, I've got a few items that were showing as call for availability by checking quite often until it came back into stock: Toiletry19/Golden Ring Key Chain/Emp Cles/Multicartes.
    If it's a seasonal one, once it's gone to call for they don't often come back as add to bag. The permanent stuff usually will though.