Call fast if you want Sienna Matelasse Medium size $807.00 ONLY ONE

  1. I called all over to find one and I left my name with Rita at NM in Scottsdale. I've never dealt with her before but she is so sweet and a gem of a SA.While waiting for her to check all NM stores, I found one at Barney's and got it. Rita called and she found a Sienna. The price is $807.00. It's the last one at any NM other than Ivory. She has been looking since Saturday and checked every NM. Apparently she deals with a lot of PF'er's in Chanel.
    If you want it, you need to call soon, she can only hold it until they close tonight. It's at another NM store and she didn't say which one and I didn't ask. The number is 480-990-2100 extension 2088 or 480-768-7701 is her direct line.